Interview with Artist: Fabio Meschini

Interview with Artist: Fabio Meschini

Be mesmerized by the fantastical works of Fabio Meschini. This interview with this talented visual artist will take you to a whimsical world full of vivid details and amazing images. His vision is truly inspiring and uniquely creative. Read on and get to know more about Fabio!

Hello Fabio. We'd like to know more about you. Can you tell us more about yourself?

I studied architecture, graduated, but ultimately I preferred remaining sticky to the job I started doing by self taught: graphic design. got my first job at 19, now I'm 39 and in the middle I've gone through magazines, corporate identity, illustration, font design, photography and even some video and motion graphics design. I work part time for apple and the rest of the week I take care of my studio: most of my activity comes from graphic design, photography and live video performances for gigs.

You are an Architect. What made you pursue design and illustration?

architecture and graphic design are probably two different sides of the same discipline: both are a matter of problem solving, just in visual terms. while an artist has the skills to express his ideas, the designer has the ability to bend those skills to express other people's ideas. I've gone for graphic design probably because I need to call the product completely mine, which is a quite impossible task in architecture.

In your experience, what were there moments that you have struggled or had difficulty in coming up with a concept? How did you overcome/cope?

really depends on context: maybe sometimes I just need to focus on something else because my brain is still working in background or sometimes I just did not work enough so I need to throw away what I've done and start over.

Who are your influences, if any?

randomly: Art Nouveau, Dave McKean, Japanese Comics and illustrators, Norman Rockwell, Juan Gimenez, graphic design of central and northern europe, Jan Saudek, symbolism, the pre-raphaelites (specially Waterhouse).. and for sure I'm forgetting someone...

16425e6bb84e8afe189322fc92d8cf2f[4] Borderlight (Vendetta)

What is a typical day like for you?

no real typical day, except that it HAS to start with coffee :-D

Do you see yourself more as a photographer or as a designer?

I see myself as a visual artist: photography is a tool like any other and probably I have no favorite one, I choose depending on context and communication needs. if I was good enough, I'd rather prefer producing borderlight as oil paintings ;-)
Borderlight (Josephine)

How does photography influence your overall design? What is its role in your workflow?

Many borderlight pictures come from study sketches: when coming to the shooting stage, any detail was already planned and prepared sometimes months in advance so the shooting has been a mere execution of a predefined workflow, no improvisation this time.
Borderlight (Czarina)

Your Borderlight series is very interesting. How did you come up with the concept for this series?

it is strictly biography: the first 4 "main" pictures are allegories of real persons I know, the remaining 10 are personifications of feelings I lived in person or that I've seen in other people. from the reactions I see in other people's faces, seems many know that persons or feelings. others think that I hate women. to those I usually answer that not just because they see a pair of tits what they see is necessarily a woman.

c2802424e51e014dce8c4db1b376b80a[6] Borderlight


What was your experience like working on this series (Borderlight)?

exciting, mostly because it's the first work that exactly came out as it was in my mind, without compromises: took a lot of time, drawing sketches, trying compositions, building the props and finding the right model for the shots. as an example, the brain for "Blatta" comes from several stitched shots of a real lamb brain got at a supermarket.

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