22 Creative Design Portfolios

22 Creative Design Portfolios
In this post we are going have a look at various portfolios of designers that showcases their creative flair, not only with their work but also with how they present their work. Basically, web portfolios aim to capture the attention of clients in a greater geographical context. These portfolios are very handy especially if the designer or artist is targeting an international clientele. Here are a few that would definitely catch your attention: some are witty, some colorful, but all will amaze you. You can visit each website by clicking on the images.



Brad Colbow



Chuck U


Ewout van Lambalgen

Jared Nickerson (JThreeConcepts)

Jonatan Cantero

Michael Murdock

Tang Yau Hoong

The Alamo Basement

Jeff Sarmiento

Berit Somme


Benny Martinson

M1 Design

Felipe Barriga

The Pixel

Jesse Willmon


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