Whimsical Photoshop Actions

30 Whimsical Photoshop Actions

Created by a photographer for photographers! This huge set of 30 actions contains workflow enhancers, ton enhancers, and haze color effects.

Skin Retouching Actions

5 Skin Retouching Actions by SparkleStock

Most retouchers use the same low/high pass technique to retouch skin but it often involves a lot of steps. These actions make it easy to airbrush skin simply by playing the action and painting over the skin. There are also actions to mattify skin, reduce redness, and brighten eyes. The free version of the Skin actions are all you need to airbrush skin.

Premium Looks by SparkleStock

5 Premium Looks and 2 Light Leaks by SparkleStock

If you like the Mini Collection by FilterGrade, you’ll also like these Premium Looks action by SparkleStock. The free download contains 5 color effects and only 2 light leaks but the light leaks look great.

Real Estate Photo Retoucher by SparkleStock

5 Real Estate Photo Retouching Actions by SparkleStock

This is a very specific set of actions for anyone who shoots real estate photos but it can be used for any type of interior photo. The key action that makes this set special is the volume deformation action which is used to correct the deformation that happens when photographers use wide angle lens. The only other tool I know of that can do this is a $79 software called DxO ViewPoint. Just knowing that, you can see why these actions are a life saver for real estate photographers.

HDR Pro by SparkleStock

More Free Photoshop Actions

There are also two websites where you can find free limited-time downloads on actions that would otherwise cost you money. The first is Creative Market which releases six free good of the week with a high chance that one of them will be Photoshop actions. You can check out their free goods here. Another website that might have free premium actions is GraphicRiver (scroll to the bottom and look for the text “Free”) but they only change their new free file every month and it’s a slim chance that it will be Photoshop actions.

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8 responses to “10+ Free Photoshop Actions for Photographers”

  1. Andre Luiz Avatar
    Andre Luiz

    Ohhhhhh, in the title to the link informing that are free actions, when you access and see the details the true comes up and the action costs US$ 12. Hahahaha

  2. Wilson Uy Avatar
    Wilson Uy

    How to download ??

  3. Markus Wheeler Avatar
    Markus Wheeler

    Whenever possible I try to use actions. They make the post-processing of images so much easier! Thanks for posting these!

  4. Faraz Avatar

    Thanks for including Symufa Actions.

  5. Anonymous Avatar

    Good list but most people use lightroom now

  6. Robert Simeg Avatar
    Robert Simeg

    Well, I don´t see the link to download it. Where is it? : )

  7. Mike Moloney Avatar
    Mike Moloney

    Thanks for featuring FilterGrade, Denny! Great list you have here, honored to be a part of it.

  8. Elin Almskår Avatar
    Elin Almskår

    thank you for sharing..these are awsome :D

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