Add a spark to your photo manipulations with these amazing lighting strikes. These graphics are tileable and come in JPEG images, Photoshop brushes, and Photoshop patterns – whichever you prefer to use. Download this set of 18 electrifying lightning strikes courtesy of SparkleStock.


18 Electrifying Lightning Strikes
High-res 2048 pixels
Use it any way you like. Brushes, patterns, and JPEG images. Multiple resolutions to save you time.
Stack to extend the lightning to any length
Create electric streaks with puppet warp

Free Version

  • 18 Lightning Strikes


Pro Version

  • 180 Lightning Strikes

Buy from SparkleStock

31 responses to “Freebie: 18 Electrifying Lightning Strikes”

  1. King Avatar

    Why do I get the PNG effect with the checker marks when I use the brush of the strikes?

  2.  Avatar

    Thank for these excellent brushes

  3.  Avatar

    whats with the different prices?

  4. Joana Avatar

    Really awesome effects!

  5. jude Avatar

    Hi – just downloaded these and got Matte pastels instead. Is there another link for the lightnng (lite) please?

  6. Graham Avatar

    The Free download link appears to be for Matte Pastels

    1. Photoshop Tutorials Staff Avatar
      Photoshop Tutorials Staff

      Sorry link has been fixed!

  7. Alexis Avatar

    Sure, I’ll try it out. Thanks! ^^

  8. Thunder Avatar

    Your Free Download doesn’t work.

    1. Photoshop Tutorials Staff Avatar
      Photoshop Tutorials Staff

      Sorry about that! The download server is currently down and should be restored shortly.

  9. yuzukihikari Avatar

    thanks you

  10. d-bo Avatar

    its says page cannot be found :/

    1. Photoshop Tutorials Staff Avatar
      Photoshop Tutorials Staff

      Sorry about that! Link has been fixed :)

  11.  Avatar

    I tryed 4 times todown load the brushes but failed

  12. thomas Avatar

    These would add awesome effects to any project. Thanks for sharing these with us!

  13. Jeffery Avatar

    Very cool effects for any photoshop project! Thanks for posting these up!

  14. Maidul Islam Avatar
    Maidul Islam

    Elegant, modern, very different..Thanks for sharing.

  15. Robert Walk Avatar
    Robert Walk

    Hi I like your re solu… 18 lightnings… I downloaded them but it blocked me fro access to them Please send the download to

    Thank you. I wait your reply. :-)

  16. amir Avatar

    in your free download file(zip) there is some problem .
    it doesn’t extract.

  17. Jude Avatar

    Hi, how to use brush and patterns??

    1.  Avatar

      Thanks! :)

  18. Christian Avatar

    These are amazing!!! I build sports posters and two of the high schools I work for have lightning in association with their mascots. They are going to love this.

    Thank you so much for sharing your talents with everyone.

  19. liam Avatar

    These are AWMAZING!! Thanks for making them free!!!

  20. J Harter Avatar
    J Harter

    Pretty cool!

  21. Meg Graves Avatar
    Meg Graves

    Thanks for fixing it and thanks for the lightening goodies. Nice tutorial. :)

  22. Bridget Avatar


  23. Gordon Lindsay Avatar
    Gordon Lindsay

    Yep same here

  24. Bernd Avatar

    Oh! I forgot, thanks for the freebie.

  25. Bernd Avatar

    can’t see the video either!!!

  26. Meg Graves Avatar
    Meg Graves

    your video doesn’t show. It says private. I’d love to see it.

    1. Photoshop Tutorials Editor Avatar
      Photoshop Tutorials Editor

      My fault – it’s fixed and should be working now. Thank you for letting me know!

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