Freebie: 18 Electrifying Lightning Strikes

Freebie: 18 Electrifying Lightning Strikes
Add a spark to your photo manipulations with these amazing lighting strikes. These graphics are tileable and come in JPEG images, Photoshop brushes, and Photoshop patterns – whichever you prefer to use. Download this set of 18 electrifying lightning strikes courtesy of SparkleStock.


18 Electrifying Lightning Strikes
High-res 2048 pixels
Use it any way you like. Brushes, patterns, and JPEG images. Multiple resolutions to save you time.
Stack to extend the lightning to any length
Create electric streaks with puppet warp

Free Download

  • 18 Lightning Strikes

Pro Version

  • 180 Lightning Strikes
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31 comments on “Freebie: 18 Electrifying Lightning Strikes”

  1. Hi - just downloaded these and got Matte pastels instead. Is there another link for the lightnng (lite) please?

    1. Sorry about that! The download server is currently down and should be restored shortly.

  2. Hi I like your re solu... 18 lightnings... I downloaded them but it blocked me fro access to them Please send the download to

    Thank you. I wait your reply. :-)

  3. These are amazing!!! I build sports posters and two of the high schools I work for have lightning in association with their mascots. They are going to love this.

    Thank you so much for sharing your talents with everyone.

    1. My fault - it's fixed and should be working now. Thank you for letting me know!

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