Freebie: Pixelate better with Pixelator

Freebie: Pixelate better with Pixelator
If you want to pixelate your photos, Photoshop has a Mosaic filter. Unfortunately, all it can do is create boring square shapes. With the Pixelator Photoshop actions, you can pixelate in many more ways including rounded corners, rectangles, and triangles. Download these free Photoshop actions and try it out!

Pixelator Preview

Pixelator lets you turn graphics and photos into pixel art with just one click. You can use these actions to create abstract backgrounds or even turn an unusable low-res photo into a high-res artwork! The free download includes 5 pixel styles, 3 edge styles, and 2 color effects. The pro version gives you an additional 9 pixel styles and 8 color effects. It also lets you create larger pixels (64px+) for high-res photos.

Download Pixelator

Free Download

  • Square Pixels
  • Round Pixels
  • Wide Pixels
  • Tall Pixels
  • Triangle Pixels

Pro Version

  • Square Pixels
  • Round Pixels
  • Wide Pixels
  • Tall Pixels
  • Triangle Pixels
  • Rounded Pixels
  • Wide Rounded Pixels
  • Tall Rounded Pixels
  • Tall Round Pixels
  • Diamond Pixels
  • Triangle Pixels
  • Triangle Alt Pixels
  • Wide Triangle Pixels
  • Tall Triangle Pixels
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14 comments on “Freebie: Pixelate better with Pixelator”

  1. Won't install on CS6, it says "This extension can not be installed, it requires Photoshop version 10.0 or greater."

    1. You might have an installation error or haven't updated your Extension Manager software. Use the ATN file instead by double-clicking it.

    1. Feel free to use the actions to create commercial artworks/projects!

  2. I like the diamond pixel effect with the 1px edge border. I think it looks great. Would be great if you can separate the render-all actions by size because it's about 1-2 minutes to fully play the action.

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