Circuit Board

Circuit Board

Transform a regular photo into a high-tech artwork made up of blocks and connectors resembling a circuit board.

Creating the Blocks

First, we'll create convert the image to blocks using a combination of Photoshop filters.

Step 1

Open a photo you would like to edit. We recommend using a high resolution image of at least 1000x1000 pixels. It is also fine to upscale a low resolution image before using this effect.

This photo will be used to create the Circuit Board Photoshop effect.

Step 2

Duplicate the layer (Layer> Duplicate Layer or Ctrl+J).

Duplicated Layer

Step 3

Activate the top layer and apply a Mosaic filter (Filter> Pixelate> Mosaic) with a cell size of 16 square.


Step 4

Apply a Find Edges filter (Filter> Stylize> Find Edges).

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