Download these 8 free presets and LUTs by SparkleStockthat will give your night cityscapes a retrofuturistic look. The presets use a trick that desaturates the shadows so that the highlights look more vibrant. Billboards, signs, light trails pop out more without oversaturation. The presets work with Lightroom CC, Lightroom Classic CC, and Lightroom mobile. Upgrade to the Pro version to unlock all 32 presets with skin tone protection. You’ll also get LUTs in many formats (3DL, cube, look, mga) and LUTs for Open Broadcaster Software.

These presets are notcompatible with Lightroom 6 or older. The new 2019 format gives you increased performance and full 3D color grading capabilities.

Free Version

  • 8 Lightroom Presets
  • 8 LUTs (cube)
  • Supports Lightroom Mobile
  • Fast Profile-Based Presets
  • No Skin Tone Protection


Pro Version

  • 32 Lightroom Presets
  • 32 LUTs (3dl, cube, look, mga)
  • Supports Lightroom Mobile
  • Fast Profile-Based Presets
  • Skin Tone Protection

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