A lot of times, it’s hard to imagine how your poster or photo will look when printed. These poster mockups the perfect way to show your clients how their image will look when printed. These high-quality mockups are a must have for any designer or photographer – download them today!

How to use these Poster Mockups

Using these mockups is as simple as dragging and dropping your image into the document. Simply open any PSD mockup file, double-click on the green layer, drag and drop your image, then save and close the document. The PSD will be updated with your image inside the poster frame! Watch the video to see how easy it is to use these mockups.

The Mockups

The Lite version is a free download and it includes three mockups. If you need more, get the Pro version which includes a total of eight mockups. The pro version is also higher resolution and has an adjustable paper brightness setting.


The three images below are the mockups that are included in the Lite version (a free download).


Free Version

  • 3 Mockups with Smart Objects
  • Fadable Reflections
  • 1500x1000px


Pro Version

  • 8 Mockups with Smart Objects
  • Fadable Reflections
  • Paper Brightness Setting
  • 5472x3648px

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8 responses to “Free Download: 3 Real Photo Poster Mockups”

  1. Bestonlinegamesnews Avatar

    Important Info

  2. Jose Diaz Avatar
    Jose Diaz

    Muchas gracias!!

  3. Maidul Islam Avatar
    Maidul Islam

    Thanks for posting, those are very useful for me! :)

  4. Dhatri Avatar

    very good!

  5. Anonymous Avatar

    What’s the name of the song in the video?

  6. klaus Avatar

    My understanding is that these are supposed to look photo realistic. The reflections are accurate and most definitely don’t look like scratches. I signed up to sparklestock for this and have no regrets.

  7. Jacq. Avatar

    They are only suitable for portrait format images. The reflections look like scratches (especially on the number 01.psd) and besides that if you don’t lower the opacity drastically they give the impression of being part of your image. In addition it are only white frames and white paper. Not worth buying.

  8. Chaser Avatar

    Looks very good and realistic!

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