Here is a free download for the macro profile I use with the Logitech G13 gameboard – a second keyboard that gives you more room to store your hotkeys. Although it’s marketed for gamers, it’s actually extremely useful for Photoshop and has greatly sped up my workflow. I highly recommend you try it out. You’ll need a Logitech G13 keypad and the profile currently only works for Windows.

Custom Photoshop Macro Profile for Logitech G13

Photoshop utilizes almost your entire keyboard for hotkeys and it can sometimes be convoluted. I created this layout to speed up your workflow in Photoshop. It works with the Logitech G13 which is my most recommended keypad because it’s cheaper than the one by Razer, lets you record custom macros on-the-fly, and the software is great.

To briefly explain the layout, I dedicated most of the keys for the Layers panel because it’s the most used feature. Shown in the red area below are macro keys to switch channels. Channels are used a lot for photography work but if you don’t do any photo retouching, you can change it to anything you like. Finally, there’s the basic undo/redo keys which are there for convenience.


How to Load the Profile

After installing the Logitech Gaming software, select the gamepad from the bottom then click on the G key icon. This is where you can setup your profile. To load the one I’m using, click on the folder icon and select Import.

2015-12-31 02_22_43-Logitech Gaming Software

Once it’s loaded, you can load it from the menu on the gameboard. A far more convenient setup is to make it automatically switch when you’re using Photoshop.


If you right-click on the profile and go to properties, you can make the game profile load automatically when you’re using Photoshop. It’ll also automatically switch back to the default profile if you minimize or close Photoshop. This is handy if you have more than one profile for other software.

2015-12-31 02_51_15-Profile Properties

Download Photoshop CC Macro Profile for Logitech G13

So you’re ready to use them? Simply download the profiles and load it into the Logitech Gaming Software. You’ll need a Logitech G13 keypad and the profile currently only works for Windows. It should also work for older versions of Photoshop.

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  1. Dan Avatar

    Not seeing any way to download the profile.
    Can you put a link in the article?

    1. Photoshop Tutorials Staff Avatar
      Photoshop Tutorials Staff

      Sorry about that – the link to the Logitech profiles has been fixed!

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