Long Term Photo Storage

Long Term Photo Storage

Long Term Photo Storage

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So what's the answer? Since the advent of lower cost digital cameras, many photos are not printed. Back in the days of film, you had to get the pictures developed to see what was on them Now they can be viewed on a computer screen or on the back of the camera using the LCD screen and many never make it into the family photo album. To store photos for generations to come, use a quality photo finishing service and store the pictures in an acid-free photo album or storage box. If printing pictures at home, use archival inks and papers and store them in a similar fashion. If storing them on media such as CDs or DVDs, we'll have to make certain that we keep a device around that has the capability to read the media inside a computer or CD/DVD player connected to a television that can accommodate that device. Finally, if you have chosen CD's as the media for long-term digital photo storage, choose a name brand that you recognize and ask if they are archival quality. These are some ways that will allow the possibility of someone a hundred years to to view your photographs from today.

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