Step 27

Create a new layer and clip it to the shark layer. Change the blending mode to Overlay. With a 3px brush at 50% opacity paint over the indicated areas.


Step 28

Create a clipped Curves Adjustment layer. Drag the curve down to darken. Fill the layer mask with black. With a white brush paint over the indicated areas in the layer mask.


Step 29

Create a clipped Hue/Saturation Adjustment layer. Drag the saturation slider all the way to -100. Fill the layer mask with black and with a white brush paint in the layer mask only inside the mouth to keep the redness.


Step 30

Create a new layer. Choose a chalk brush. With a white color draw some little waves crashing into the body of the shark like I did in the image below.


Step 31

On a new layer create some bubbles in the underwater portion of the shark.


Step 32

On a new layer with a yellowish color draw something like a hook in the mouth of the shark.


Step 33

Import the blood brush. Create a new layer and with a red color create a red splash near the mouth of the shark. You don�t have to use the same brush I use or the same splash, most blood splashes out there will do. Use a layer mask to hide unwanted parts of the red splash.


Step 34

Create a new layer and clip it to the splash layer. With a soft white brush draw some highlights on the splash.


Step 35

On a new layer create another red splash using the blood splatter brush. Group the blood layers together.


Step 36

On a new layer create some blood marks on the side of the shark using either the blood brush or the standard chalk brush.


Step 37

Make another layer and draw some blood hanging from a tooth of the shark. Make another clipped layer to the hanging blood layer and create some shadows and highlights to make the blood look more real.


Step 38

On a new layer create some blood flying from the mouth of the shark using the blood brush.


Step 39

Add some shading (highlights and shadows) to the blood layer you just created. I used a couple of layers to draw with white and black and a curves layer, all clipped to the blood layer.


Step 40

On a new layer cover with red the surface of the shark�s eye. Use a dark red.


Step 41

Now on another layer create with a brighter red the iris.


Step 42

At this step I feel that I can add more wounds to make the scene more realistic. Create a new layer and with the blood brush or the standard chalk brush create some red marks on the sharks nose. Double click the layer to enter blending mode and use the settings shown below.


Step 43

On a new layer draw by hand with a black and white brush some more shading for the wounds on the nose.


Step 44

Now let�s make some underwater wounds. On a new layer create some wounds near the tail of the shark with a dark red. Lower the opacity of the layer to 64%.


Step 45

With a round soft brush at 10% Opacity draw some red blood dispersing in the water near the wounds. Group all the layers associated with the shark and name the group “Shark” to keep the document tidy.


Step 46

Open the image “Boat”. Copy and paste the boat into our working document. Convert the boat to a smart object. Resize the boat as shown below.

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wow amazing, thx for tutorial.. :D




Excuse my language, but, this looks bloody terrifying! Thank you for sharing!


excuse my language, but this is insane


thank you for uploading and creating this tutorial man–much appreciated!

Budi Zhobet


Ezed Een

Wow Great work

M.n. Waleedh

Nice work

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