Amazing Surreal Shark Photoshop Tutorial You Have to Try

Amazing Surreal Shark Photoshop Tutorial You Have to Try
Amazing Surreal Shark Photoshop Tutorial You Have to Try

Step 47

Add a layer mask to the boat layer. Mask away the bottom of the boat so that it looks submerged in the water.


Step 48

Create a clipped Hue/Saturation Adjustment layer. Drag the saturation slider to -66.


Step 49

Create a clipped Curves Adjustment layer. Drag the curve down to darken. In the layer mask use a soft white brush at 50% opacity and 2-3px size to create some lines along the lines of the boat.


Step 50

Create a new layer and clip it to the boat layer. Sample a blue color from the water and with a soft brush at 2-3 px create some blue lines along the boat. This step is just to have some color variation in the boat.


Step 51

Create new layer and clip it to the boat. With the chalk brush draw some blood spots on the boat surface.


Step 52

Create a new layer. With the chalk brush at 40-50% Opacity draw some small waves splashing into the boat.


Step 53

Open the file "Fisherman". Make a selection of the fisherman (with the pen tool). Copy and paste the fisherman into our working document. Convert it to a smart object. If needed create a layer mask to hide additional parts of the fisherman.


Step 54

Create a clipped Curves adjustment layer. Drag the curve down to darken the fisherman until he is just a silhouette.


Step 55

Create a new layer and clip it to the fisherman. Sample a light blue color from the sky or sea and paint some light on the left side of the fisherman as shown below. No need for great precision, just the general feeling of light hitting the left side of the fisherman.


Step 56

You may notice that the fishing line is not complete. Create a new layer and with a black chalk brush at 1px size complete the line to the shark�s mouth.


Step 57

The fisherman while fighting the beast should have some blood on himself. Create a new layer and with the chalk brush draw a couple of red spots on the fisherman. Group all the layers related to the fisherman and name the group "Fisherman".


Step 58

Time to add some splashes. Open the file "Splash1". Choose Select > Color Range. Click once on a white spot on the image to make a selection of the drops and click ok.


Step 59

Now that we have a selection of the splash press Ctrl + J to make a new layer from the selection. Ctrl + A to select all, Ctrl + C to copy and while back in our working document Ctrl + V to paste the water drops.


Step 60

Add a layer mask and mask all the unwanted parts until you have something like the image below.


Step 61

Repeat the steps 59-60 two more times to add splashes in the indicated regions but this time using "Splash2" image.


Step 62

Import the splash brush. Create as many layers as you see fit and create splashes on them using the brush. You can mask portions of the splash you don�t like. Place some splashes around the shark and some around the boat. Group all the splashes together and further add a layer mask to the group to refine where the splashes are.


Step 63

Create a Color Balance adjustment layer. Use the settings shown below in order to achieve a darker, more interesting mood.


Step 64

Create a new layer and set the blending mode to Overlay. With a soft brush paint with white over the areas indicated below in order to emphasize them.

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