The Photoshop Computer

The Photoshop Computer


How much
ram do you really need? This depends on your usage. If you're working on large
files with many layers, you'll need to get more RAM. However, if you're using
Photoshop just for simple task such as resizing photos and correcting color and
you don't have a lot of programs running in the background, 1 GB of RAM should
be enough. Here's a method to determine how much RAM is required:

  1. Run Photoshop and open a typical
    file you usually edit. For example, if you edit high resolution digital images
    a lot, open a high resolution photo.
  2. Make sure that your document isn't
    maximized. You can ensure that it isn't by choosing Window> Arrange> Cascade.
  3. On the bottom of the window, locate
    the ► arrow.
    Click on the ► arrow and choose Show> Efficiency. The status bar beside the ► button shows
    the efficiency. If your computer has enough resource to display the image, the
    efficiency should be 100%. Anything lower means that more RAM may be


  4. Try opening
    several of your typical Photoshop files. If it stays at 100%, it means that
    your current system has enough RAM. Use this to judge how much RAM you'll need
    for your next computer. For example, when I ran the test, I opened 7 high
    resolution photos and my efficiency dropped to 72%. Because my current system
    has 1 GB
    of RAM and the efficiency was at around 72%, I can conclude that 2 GB of RAM is
    a safe amount of RAM to get on my next computer.

Note: When
using Photoshop on a 32-bit computer or operating system, Photoshop is only
able to use 2 GB of RAM. Photoshop is able to use around 3.5 GB on a 64-bit
system. Some version of Windows® requires modifying the boot.ini file to allow
Photoshop to use up to 3 GB of RAM. The 3GB switch may not work with all
computers. For more information, search the Microsoft support page for "3gb".

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