If you don’t have pen tablet, you can use pen tool. Set brush, like in step 18. Use pen tool to project desired shape. Then, click RMB, choose stroke path and check simulate brush pressure. You don’t have to project whole lines at once. You can do this on other layers, then merge it.

Step 19

Cool! For make created layer more realistic click on it with RMB. Then, choose blending mode from menu. Go to “Outer glow” settings.

Step 20

Duplicate created layer. Choose and drag it on new layer symbol. Then, set “Fill” to 0%. If you decrease “Fill” like here, layer will be transparent, but her effects (here: Outer glow) will be still visible.

Step 21

Now from top menu choose Filter > Blur > Gaussian blur. Set it as is shown.

Step 22

Create new layer (Shift+Ctrl+N, Layer > New > Layer…, or shortcut). Pick 1px soft round orange brush. Draw lights on branches. Just follow its line.

Step 23

Light also goes on doors and column at left side. You should mark it. Add new layer (Shift+Ctrl+N, Layer > New > Layer…, or shortcut). Pick 17 px soft brush. Use the same color as before.

Step 24

Add mask to created layer. Pick bigger brush and mask unwanted lights.

Step 25

Again create new layer. With the same brush settings as in step 22 draw lights on doors and column. Follow the edges of those things.

Step 26

Now you’ll make sparks. Just add new layer and draw randomly dots near the light source. Also, for this, you can use any kind of “debris” or “dust” brushes, or just use preset brush from Photoshop – as shown.

Step 27

If you like effect, you created, click with RMB on this layer. From menu choose Blending options. Go to “Outer glow”.

Step 28

For creating hair, add new layer. Pick 1 px soft brush and draw hair strands. Try to flow with your image. I used colors from light orange (right side) to light blue (left side).

Step 29

Drag and place to your file crack texture. From transform menu (top bar) click on “Warp mode”. Transform it as shown.
Change blending mode of this layer to “Multiply”.

Step 30

Add mask to this layer by shortcut. Use soft brush to erase rough edges.

Step 31

You’ll adjust this texture. It is beige and really don’t fit to whole picture. Add adjustment layer with Hue/Saturation (shortcut or Layer > New Adjustment Layer > Hue/Saturation). Then, click on this layer with RMB. Click “Create clipping mask”.

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