Create a Nature Text Effect Poster in Photoshop

Create a Nature Text Effect Poster in Photoshop
Create a Nature Text Effect Poster in Photoshop

Mind that your painted area with disappear. So to make a good focus effect , try to paint all the PROTECTOR text, and a little of the background around the text.


Step 90

Next step, Create new layer above ALL layer , name it BLACK.

Pick Rectangle Tool ( Press U ) , black color and draw 2 black rectangles like below, then adjust the opacity of the layer to 80%


Step 91

Create another layer above BLACK, name it LINE. Use Rectangle Tool in white color to draw one thin rectangle like this.


Step 92

Choose Filter> Blur > Motion Blur . Setting Angle to 0 and distance in 284


Step 93

Duplicate LINE to have 2 nice lines just like this:


Step 94

I also added some texts and WWF logo to make this picture more epic ( lol - it's just a fake for fun but I love to make something for the WWF, I hope they don't mind it )


Step 95

On the top of all layers, create a adjustment layer , choose Photo Filter , choose Deep Yellow and 25% Density. More epic, huh?


Step 96

Want some more epic ? Then create another adjustment layer, get Exposure with this settings:

And we've done!


Final Results


Download the PSD

Nature Text Effect | 64.82 MB
Download from FileSonic
Download from Website

Authors Comment

I hope you'd enjoy watching this tutorial. Please feed back to make it better. Thanks for your attention. My website's going to open soon. I'll tell you all as soon as I can.


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