Create a Romantic Cutlery Artwork Inspired by Salvador Dali

Create a Romantic Cutlery Artwork Inspired by Salvador Dali

Create a Romantic Cutlery Artwork Inspired by Salvador Dali

Take note that the adjustment layers we will be using in this step will all come from pressing the Create New Fill/Adjustment layer button.


Once open, input the following:


Step 36

Next, let’s create a Gradient Map adjustment layer.


When it opens, click on the Black and White Gradient Map:


Next, let’s create a Solid Color adjustment layer.


Once it is open, input the following on the # space:

#: 00072a


Step 37

Next, change the Blending mode and Opacity of this Solid Color layer to the following:

  • Blending mode: Exclusion
  • Opacity: 60%

The image should now be looking like this:


Step 38

Next, let’s create a Photo Filter adjustment layer:


Once opened, choose the following filter:


Step 39

Finally, let’s adjust the Offset. Create an Exposure adjustment layer.


Once it is open, input the following:


The resulting image should now be similar to this:


Download the PSD

Tutorial by Michael Vincent Manalo

image100Inspired by the general feel of Salvador Dali’s works - I hope this tutorial will help you in creating a surreal artwork to amaze family/friends any time of the year. Thank you for visiting this page and using my tutorial, if you want to see more of my art works, give me a shout at my website:

- Michael Vincent Manalo

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25 comments on “Create a Romantic Cutlery Artwork Inspired by Salvador Dali”

  1. Thanks for the tutorial. I followed your guidelines closely, and although I had to substitute images for the floor and cutlery (the original images were no longer available), I was able to replicate your original fairly well. I am using the completed image for an assignment in a college class. Thanks so much

  2. Awesome work and tutorial, Michael! Congrats!
    Let me add a correction: at step 36 the gradient map regulation level must be added with the LUMINOSTY blend must have forgotten to write it down :)

  3. Been looking at your tutorials and portfolio ... thanks a lot for sharing. Beautiful stuff. I really appreciate it.

  4. Great tutorial; thank you!
    FYI: The "Download the PSD" link points to the 'Big Fish' PSD rather than the file for this tutorial.

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