Create an Abstract Sci-Fi Scene with Photoshop

Create an Abstract Sci-Fi Scene with Photoshop

Step 39

Drag the nebula 4 image onto the white circles, change the mode to Screen 100%. Use the Warp Tool to tweak the effect a little:
Use a layer mask to erase the effect as shown below:
Duplicate this layer and place it onto the model body:

Step 40

Open the wireframe pack. I choose a triangle one and put it inside the white circles:
To invert its color, go to Layer > New Adjustment Layer > Invert:

Step 41

Duplicate the planet 1 and place it inside the wire triangle. Place this layer above the planets group and change the mode to Normal 100%:
I used Curves to reduce the planet contrast:

Step 42

I used Color Balance to change its color:

Step 43

Open the light effect pack. I chose the number 40 and duplicated the background layer. Go to Filter > Liquify and tweak it as done with the nebula 3 in the step 18:
Place it onto the model body and change the mode to Screen 100%. Use the Warp Tool to bend it a little to fit the model body:
Duplicate it five times and arrange them around the model body to make the light effect more visible, use a layer mask if needed to remove the unnecessary parts:

Step 44

Duplicate the first layer twice and make them bigger using Cmd/Ctrl+T. Place them inside the white circles: scifi44 Use a layer mask to erase some unwanted details and make the effect more subtle:

Step 45

Make a group for the light layers in the two previous steps and change the group mode to Screen 100%. Use Color Balance to add more warm tone to them:

Step 46

It's time for coloring the scene. Create a Gradient Map adjustment layer on the top:
Change this layer mode to Soft Light 100%:

Step 47

I used Color Balance to add some cyan/blue to the image:

Step 48

I used Selective Color to adjust the cyan settings:

Step 49

I used Curves to increase the contrast of the scene:
On this layer mask use a soft black brush to erase the area around the model and circles to keep its lightness:

Step 50

I used Vibrance to enhance the final effect:
On this layer mask use a soft black brush with the opacity about 40% to reduce the effect on the light around the circles:

Final Results


Download the PSD


Tutorial by Jenny Le

I hope that you enjoyed my tutorial and found it useful. To see more of my works and tutorials, you can follow me on Facebook or watch me on Deviantart .- Jenny
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