Create An Emotional Photo Manipulation Of A Sad Angel In Photoshop

Create An Emotional Photo Manipulation Of A Sad Angel In Photoshop

Step 7

Now we will add some highlight and shadow to the robe with the addition cloth to define some rumpled lines. To do this, create a new layer above the texture layer. Fill (Shift+F5) this layer with 50% grey (#808080). Take the dodge tool (o). Choose a very soft round small brush set to about 10% exposure with highlight range. On this new layer, stroke the brush on the area around the robe to paint highlight.
Then, take the burn tool and set to midtones range at about 10% exposure. With a very soft round brush, stroke the tool on areas where needed to paint shadow.
Keep using the combination of dodge and burn tool to paint more highlight and shadow to define more rumpled lines.

Step 8

Proceed to create additional cloth on the lower angel’s cloth. Create a new layer (Shift+Ctrl+N) below the angel layer. Create a shape filled with any color we want. Dark blue is the given example.
Cut out the lower cloth of the angel into a single layer. Place this layer above the shape with a clipping mask to give it cloth texture.
Finally, be active on the angel layer. Then, go to layer > layer mask > reveal all. This will give the angel layer a layer mask. Take a very soft round brush (B). Mask the edge of the lower cloth to make it well blended with the additional cloth.
Select all the angel layers and hit Ctrl+E to merge them into a single layer.

Step 9

Now we come to the second phase of this tutorial. In the next steps, we will create the main scene on a new document. Create a new document (Ctrl+N).
Open the cloud image on the document. With the free transform tool, flip the image horizontally to alter its direction. Scale its size to fit and cover the document properly.
Add the angel as well. Position it in the middle of the cloud. Go to layer > smart object > convert to smart object to convert this layer into a smart object layer.

Step 10

Be active on the cloud layer. Give this layer camera raw filter. Hit Shift+Ctrl+A to open the filter. Set the Basic and Detail of this filter.

Step 11

Now we will alter the color of the cloud texture by giving it color adjustments. Go to layer > new adjustment layers > brightness/contrast. Make sure to position this layer between the cloud and the angel layer.
With a very soft round brush set to a low opacity of about 15%, mask some areas around the cloud as highlighted in red.

Step 12

Give another adjustment layer. Go again to layer > new adjustment layer > selective color.

Step 13

Create a new layer (Shift+Ctrl+N) above the two adjustment layers. Fill (Shift+F5) this layer with solid color of #0c0301.
Set this solid color layer to soft light at about 60% opacity.
Give this layer a layer mask (layer > layer mask > reveal all). Mask on areas around the cloud as indicated in red highlight.

Step 14

In this step, we give a filter to the angel. Go select the angel layer to be active on it. Hit Shift+Ctrl+A to give this smart object layer camera raw filter. Set it Basic, Tone Curve, and Detail.
The result should be like below:

Step 15

Proceed to create another layer (Shift+Ctrl+N) below the angel smart layer. Take a very soft round brush (B) set to an opacity of about 60% or more. Paint subtle color of #067fee and #fc6500. Set this layer to color dodge at 100% opacity. Name this layer, say, color. Can we use different colors? Feel free to try different colors on our preference.

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  1. This is great! And for you to have provided steps showing how it's done....perfect. I'll give this a try, and once I can perfect it, I'll make one for my niece with her image. She's all into angels.

  2. Wow, it amazes me that a person can see a final image and then create it basically from scratch on Photoshop. Nice work.

  3. What am I doing wrong on Step 6. I cannot for the life of me do that step. I create a new layer, use the pen tool to create the shape, shift f5 to fil. Does wonderful, looks nice, but when I do the step to cut out the robe. Nightmare city. I can't get it done. What am I doing wrong???

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