How to Create a Breathtaking Medieval Manipulation with Realistic Deteriorated Flags

How to Create a Breathtaking Medieval Manipulation with Realistic Deteriorated Flags

How to Create a Breathtaking Medieval Manipulation with Realistic Deteriorated Flags

Step 22 - Saturation

Press Ctrl+U and change the saturation of the model’s skin to -20

Step 23- Light

TO make the skin a little lighter you need to duplicate the layer one more time (ctrl+j) and change layer mode to screen and change the opacity to 30%

Step 24 - Eyes

Paint the model’s eyebrows and eyes to give more life to her.

Step 25 – Make up

This depends on your style but basically you need to add some eyeshades liner and some fine white highlights.
You also can add blush in the cheeks and some lipstick

Step 26 - Hairs

For masking the hair, it's better if you have a tablet, if you don’t you can try with your mouse and the pen tool. With a soft and round black brush, make hair strands. Remember to set the brush to pen pressure, also the brush size has to be 1px.
Make some more hair strands.

Step 27 - Hair

You have the base of the hair, so now you have to fill with more hair to give a natural look. In a new layer with a soft round brush (2px size) with a brown tone, (you can pick the same in the model’s original hair with the eyedropper tool) then start painting strands with undular movements keep the pressure really soft.
First, make big strands and then with different tones, make smaller highlights and shades to the hair, also you can apply some blur to the tips of the hair.

Step 28 - Shadow

Create a new layer between the columns layer and the model to create the model’s shadow. Paint with a soft round black brush around the model.

Step 29 -Stone

Pick one of the foliage brush from the pack of Jonas de Ro brushes, and paint some yellow flowers, also you can fill some spaces with the rock brush. The result has to be something like this

Step 30 - Plants

Pick a grass brush and paint around the columns to make some vines around them.

Step 31 - Shadows

Like before with a soft round black brush paint in the bottom of the model and the stone to create the shadow, you can add some gaussian blur if you think is necessary

Step 32 - Flags

The original image of the flags is this one.
Like before using the lasso tool and then applying the layer mask to hide the rest, leave only the flags like this: To make then fit the image press ctrl+t to modify the size and the position of the flags

Step 33 - Old

Tear the flags, using the layer mask make the brush really small and hide some parts of the flag
Repeat the process with the other one and apply a motion blur on this last flag. Go to filter blur Motion blur angle 38 and distance 20pixels.

Step 34 – Flags Lighting

Select the flags and in a new layer apply a gradient in each flag, remember each flag has to be in a different layer
Change the layer to soft light, and for the first flag the one that is closer use 70 of opacity and 60 of fill. And for the other30% of opacity

Step 35 - Brown

In a new layer paint over the model and columns to give a brown tone to them
Now change layer mode to soft light

Step 36 Shadow

In a new layer paint with a soft round black brush over the model to create shadows near the column. Use the layer in soft light mode.

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  1. As the model in the stock being used, and having seen several versions other artists have created using this tutorial, it would be honestly very nice if artists trying to recreate the styling and theme would see if they can do the same thing using alternative stock - of which there are thousands available. The point of tutorials is to make suggestions and provide tips to artists looking to improve their techniques or learn new ones, not to make identical and in some cases poor reproductions of the work used in the tutorial. Change it up people!! :)

  2. An outstanding design sharing that's very helpful for me. As a graphics designer I have just learned some new technique today from this blog. Thanks and appreciate it.

  3. This is really cool. I really like the idea; erasing a flag to make it look worn out.

    This makes me wonder if you can do it to clothes too. I never even think about making fabric look worn out, I just find worn out stocks which is hard to come by.

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