How to Create an Emotional Photo Manipulation of an Angel

How to Create an Emotional Photo Manipulation of an Angel
How to Create an Emotional Photo Manipulation of an Angel

Step 13

Add more volume to the hair of the model by using hair brushes or painting.

Step 14

Now bring in the wing, place it below the model's layer and position it as desired or as shown. Since in this case, the wings are a png file, you won't need to cut them out or fix any edges. Now for the second wing; keep your selection on the first one and press Ctrl+J (this will duplicate your layer). Press Ctrl+T then right click> Flip Horizontal and press Enter. Position it to the other side as on the image below.

Step 15

Merge both wings into one layer when you're happy with the final position. Name the layer "wings". Tip: To merge multiple layers, select them by pressing Ctrl, then press Ctrl+E to merge them together. Add a color balance layer mask to the wings layer: -23  -15  +50 Select the wings layer and go to Layer>Layer style>Inner shadow and apply the values shown below.

Step 16

Create a new layer and name it "wings shadow". This should be between the model's layer and the wings layer. Select a black brush hardness 0% and paint to apply her shadow on the wing. If it was too tough play with the opacity and/or fill.

Step 17

On top of the model's layer add the Floral crown, resize it, place it on her head and tilt it a little bit. This is also a png file, so you won't need to cut or mask anything. To make it look place on her head erase little and carefully with a soft brush the bottom of the crown.

Step 18-a

Create a new layer name it "Lens flare" and fill it with black. Then go to Filter>Render>Lens flare. Choose the desired shape and values and select ok. In this image I made 2. One for her necklace and the other one on her crown. You could also create only one, duplicate it and resize it to get the small one for the crown then merge both layers.

Step 18-b

Select your "Lens flare" layer and set the blending mode to screen. This is how it should look like.

Step 19

Create a new layer and name it "Fog". Make sure it's placed above all alyers. Select the brush tool with color white. Use a huge brush with Hardness 0%  Opacity 70% and flow 40%. Apply single clicks many times to create the desired fog.

Step 20

Create a new layer and name it "Feathers". Place it below the model and wings layers. After importing your feathers brush, select the brush tool with color white and right-click to choose your feathers brushes and place them randomly. For better results place every feather on a layer to be able to transform them freely then go to Filter>Blur>Motion blur. When you're happy with it merge the feathers layers into one single layer.

Step 21

Finally, we'll be adding some color adjustments above all layers. Go to Layer>New adjustment layer>Gradient map then ok.  It should be from black to white. Set the blending mode, of this gradient map layer, to multiply and opacity 20%

Step 22

Now another gradient map. Go to Layer>New adjustment layer>Gradient map then ok. Go inside the gradient map layer and apply those values (the numbers indicate the color codes). Set the blending mode to soft light and opacity 30%. Make sure to check "Reverse".

Step 23

Go to Layer>New adjustment Layer>Vibrance and set the vibrance to +40 Those 3 adjustment layers together will give you this result.

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  1. its magnetic and so authentic learned many things from here. the model made is so beautiful.
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  3. Really nice tutorial... It was a long time not using PS, this was perfect to
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