How to Create an Emotional Soft-Tone Photo Manipulation

How to Create an Emotional Soft-Tone Photo Manipulation
Go to: Edit > Fill > 50% Gray On this layer you can now Burn and Dodge the areas you want to be darker or lighter. My settings are: Range: For shadows 90% of the times is midtones. With lights it's the same but sometimes, if you want more glowing lights you can also use the range Highlights. Exposure between 10% and 30%. Use especially the Dodge on the diamonds, the highlights of her skin and the dress. Below you can see where I dodged and burned.
This is the result.

Step 7 - Texture

Create a new layer and a texture like this (with a soft round brush). Set the layer to Soft Light
This is the result.

Step 8 - Light

Let's add some light! Pick one of the lightest color from background (not white, I chose #e1f9ff). With a round hard brush paint something like a did in the picture below.
Now apply some blur to completely dissolve it. (Filter > Blur > Gaussian Blur) (Sometimes I need 250px to achieve this effect)

Step 9 - Final Adjustments

I think the picture is too much saturated. So Add a Hue/Sat Adjustments Layer and set the Saturation to -70 (You can choose the amount you want)
Highlights. Create a new layer. Set the brush Mode to Overlay (Opacity and Flow vary, I generally set 30%). With a light color from the background paint some highlights. I did it on the red areas I'm showing you here.
This is the result.
Let's create a Vignette. Create a new layer. Pick a dark color from the background and paint on the edges of the manipulation. Set the layer to Soft Light (Opacity and Fill 80%) and add a bit of Gaussian Blur if you want.
Let's add a bit of contrast so that Lights and Shadows will be more interesting. Create a Curve adjustment layer and set the Medium Contrast from the Preset Curves. On the white mask of this layer paint with a black brush on th face of the lady because it would be too dark. Set the layer to Luminosity and the Opacity to 70%.

Final Results


Download the PSD

Authors Comment

profile[1]With the techiques you learn here you can create your own photomanipulations, wallpapers, book covers or just to make art. I would like to see what you will create following my tutorial, so if you want leave a comment here with a link of your creations! You can see more of my art check here - Fabrizio Panattoni

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