Create a Fantasy Fish Scene above the Sky

Create a Fantasy Fish Scene above the Sky
Use a layer mask to blend this trunk with the boat:

Step 18

Take the leaves part and put it above the trunk and tweak it a little with the Warp Tool to fit the angle of the trunk:
Add a mask to this layer. Use a black brush to remove the unwanted part at the bottom of the leaves:

Step 19

Make the trunk and leaves layers selected and press Cmd/Ctrl+G to create a group for them. Change the mode of this group from Pass Through (default group mode) to Normal 100%. On the top of the layers within this group, use a Hue/Saturation adjustment layer to alter the color of the tree:

Step 20

I used Color Balance to add some yellow to the tree:

Step 21

Make another Hue/Saturation adjustment to reducing the tree saturation:

Step 22

I used Curves to brighten the tree:
On this Curves layer mask use a soft black brush to decrease the light on some parts of the tree to make its contrast suitable for the light in the background:

Step 23

Make a new layer on the top of the group. Use a hard brush with the color #987b47, 4-5 px to paint on the trunk and branches to reduce the contrast of them and make them look more blended with the boat:

Step 24

Extract the child from the background and place her in the center of the boat, flip her horizontally (Edit > Transform > Flip Horizontal) to fit the light direction:
Add a mask to this layer and use a hard black brush to erase the bottom of the dress and make her look like sitting inside the boat:

Step 25

I used a Hue/Saturation adjustment layer to reduce the child saturation:

Step 26

Make a Color Balance adjustment layer to add some color to the child:

Step 27

I used Curves to brighten this little girl:

Step 28

Open the fishes image (feel free to use your own) and isolate them from the white background. Take the fishes you like and arrange them around the boat and girl.
Add a layer mask to the fishes on the clouds. Use a soft black brush to make the fishes look like swimming in these clouds:

Step 29

I used Curves to darken two fishes at the left edge:

Step 30

Make a group for the fish layers and their related ones (Cuves) as done with the tree. Use a Hue/Saturation adjustment for the fishes:

Step 31

Add some color to them with Color Balance:

Step 32

Brighten the fishes with a Curves adjustment layer:
On this layer mask apply brushing to decrease the light on some of the fishes:

Step 33

Right click the fishes group, choose Duplicate Group. Right click the duplicated group, choose Merge Group. Now we have the selection of the fishes on a separate layer. Turn it off.

Step 34

Make a new layer on the top. Hold Cmd/Ctrl while clicking the fishes copy thumbnail layer to load its selection:
Use a soft brush with the color #ebe7da to paint on some parts of them to create more light there. Change this layer mode to Soft Light 100%:

Step 35

Create a Gradient Map adjustment layer on the top of all layers:
Lower the opacity of this layer to 20% and apply brushing on its mask:

Step 36

Use Color Balance to add some warm color to the scene:

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  1. I think I know, masking already stated to change on evry enterface ie face! Working with layer manupulation can sort your background too.

  2. I l!ke blending, masking, adjsuting colors using CS4 photoshop too, keep us uptodate then,, I like ambigious pictures u know.

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