Create a Fantasy Fish Scene above the Sky

Create a Fantasy Fish Scene above the Sky
Lower this effect by brushing on the layer mask as shown below:

Step 37

Add two Photo Filter adjustment layers to the top of all layers:

Step 38

To change the light focus, make a new layer, use the Gradient Tool with Radial option and default colors (black and white).
Change this layer mode to Soft Light 100% and use a layer mask to reduce the dark effect on the top left of the pic:

Step 39

Create a new layer and use a soft brush with the color #825111 to paint on the right edge. Alter this layer mode to Color 10% to add more warm color to this area:

Step 40

Make a Hue/Saturation adjustment on the top and change the Yellows settings:
Here is the result after erasing the top left and the middle right of the pic with a soft black brush:

Step 41

I used Color Balance to give the scene some sublte cool color:
On this layer mask use a soft black brush with the opacity about 20-25% to erase the most of the clouds part:

Step 42

Use Photo Filter to add more warm color to the scene:
Erase the right edge on its layer mask:

Step 43

I used Vibrance to boost the final color:
Reduce the saturation of some parts below:

Step 44

Final step (optional): Press Cmd/Ctrl+Option/Alt+Shift+E to merge all visible layers. Go to Filter > Sharpen > Unsharp Mask:
On the Filter Mask use a soft black brush to erase the details you find sharper than you expected:

Download the PSD

Final Results

Tutorial by Jenny Le

Thank you for reading this tutorial, I hope that you enjoyed it. If you want to view my other arts and tutorials you can follow me on Facebook or look at my Deviantart page. - Jenny
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  1. I think I know, masking already stated to change on evry enterface ie face! Working with layer manupulation can sort your background too.

  2. I l!ke blending, masking, adjsuting colors using CS4 photoshop too, keep us uptodate then,, I like ambigious pictures u know.

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