Everyone knows how a flyer poster look like. But do you know how to create a good one with by yourself? This tutorial will show you from start to finish, how to create a music flyer poster with Photoshop and Illustrator. Follow every steps to learn how to create your very own flyer poster.

What you’ll be creating

Basically you will practice some objects selection works, using smart objects, compositing images, do some color correction and the most interesting part is integrating works between Photoshop and Illustrator. Which is include creating vector elements and 3d text. Curious? lets start now!


Tutorial Resources

Step 1

Open dancing girl model from inside Photoshop. Use the auto tone and auto color command from the Image menu to adjust the tone and color automatically. Or You can simply press [Shift] [Ctrl] [L] then [Shift] [Ctrl] [B].


Step 2

Now we need to extract the model from its background. The easiest way is using Magnetic Lasso tool to do the selection job.You can see my setting for the Magnetic Lasso tool in the picture below, and i suggest you also notice that the headset wire isn’t selected yet.


Step 3

The simplest way to select the headset wire is using Magic Wand tool. Just one click on the wire will do the job. Now you can copy the selected area from the Edit> Copy menu or simply press [Ctrl] [C].


Step 4

Let’s prepare a new document for the music flyer poster design. Go to File> New menu, set the width and height to 1080×1500 px and the resolution is 150 ppi.


Step 5

Paste the girl model by pressing [Ctrl] [V] or go to menu Edit> Paste. Before making further adjustment, its a good idea to convert the girl model layer into smart object. Right click on layer 1 then choose Convert to Smart object menu.


Step 6

Next, we’ll do some image manipulation inside the smart object window. To do this, double-click layer 1 thumbnail’s and then click OK to confirm.


Step 7

If you follow step 6 correctly, we should be inside the smart object window now. What we need to do next is duplicate layer 1 then apply the desaturate command from Image> Adjustment> Desaturate. Change layer 1 copy blend mode to Overlay and reduce the Opacity around 30%.

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