Create Groovy Music Flyer Poster with Photoshop and Illustrator

Create Groovy Music Flyer Poster with Photoshop and Illustrator

Step 13

Open the sky 1 picture within Photoshop, copy and paste it into our working canvas document. As usual, use the free transfrom command to adjust its size and place it in the half-top of the canvas.

Step 14

Desature sky 1 image by going to Image> Adjustment> Desaturate menu or simply press [Ctrl] [Shift] [U]. Change the blend mode to Overlay.

Step 15

Still in the same layer, add layer mask by clicking the add layer mask button from the layers panel. Use the linear Gradient tool again to mask the sky gradually from bottom to top.

Step 16

Add another sky 2 picture. Follow the same step as steps 15 to mask the sky 2 layer (add layer mask and use linear gradient tool to do the masking job).

Step 17

Go to File> Place menu. Select the speaker image to insert it as smart object. Adjust speaker size with the free transform menu ( press [Ctrl] [T] ) and place it below girl's layer.

Step 18

We have to remove the white background from the speaker. To do this, hide the girl's layer first and then click the speaker layer to activate it. Select white background and the rest of the area by using Magic wand tool (choose the add to selection option).

Step 19

Invert the selection by going to Select> Inverse menu or simply press [Ctrl] [Shift] [I]. Convert the inverted selection into layer mask by clicking the Add layer mask button.

Step 20

Unhide the girl layer and then use the free transform command again to adjust the speaker's size. Hit [Enter] when you're done. Move the speaker into the right side of the model.

Step 21

Duplicate the speaker layer, then flip it horizontally by going to Edit> Transform> Flip Horizontal menu.

Step 22

Insert megaphone picture via File>Place menu. Adjust its size until you can see all part of the megaphone and then hit [Enter] to apply. I suggest to hide the model layer for better visibility of the megaphone layer, and make sure you place megaphone's layer under model's layer.

Step 23

Use Magic Wand tool with the add to selection button selected and contiguous option unchecked. Click megaphone's background (pale blue color) and then click the empty area surround it. You should get the selection result as shown in the image below.

Step 24

Use Select> Inverse menu to invert the selection areas, and then click the add layer mask button to convert selection into layer mask. Megaphone's background should be disappear from the canvas by now.

Step 25

Drag megaphone's layer below speaker layers. Use the Edit> Free Transform menu to change the megaphone's size and position as shown in the image example below.

Step 26

Duplicate megaphone's layer, flip it horizontally from the Edit> Transform> Flip Horizontal menu. Next, use the Edit> Free Transform menu to tilt the megaphone image. Hit [Enter] to apply transformation.

Step 27

Repeat Steps 26 until we get many megaphone stacked each other. In this example, i quit at the 5th duplication.

Step 28

To organize layers and to simplify layer stacks, it is a good practice to take benefit of the layer group feature. Hold [Shift] or [Ctrl] to select many layer at the same time, and then press [Ctrl] [G] to automatically group the selected layers into a new group. To change layer group name, simply double click on its group name.

Step 29

The more, the merrier. Add more music elements (vinyl plate and guitar) into our flyer poster design. To do this, simply follow step 23 to step 27 above.

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