Create a Magical and Emotional Forest Scene of a Lost Girl in Photoshop

Create a Magical and Emotional Forest Scene of a Lost Girl in Photoshop

Step 31

Now, place the Nebula 2 on the main document. Change the blend mode to soft light. Here are the results.

Step 32

As you can see that placing the Nebula 2 image our top right and left corner become darker. This is because our first nebula layer is below the forest layer. To get rid of this select the nebula layer which is below the forest layer and then using soft round basic brush hide the nebula layer part as shown in the image below.
After hiding the nebula layer parts we have more decent results.

Step 33

Back to the Nebula 2 layer, add a layer mask to it. Using soft round basic brush hide the selected part because we don't want the Nebula 2 to affect especially to lamp and it's reflected lights.

Step 34

Now, place again Nebula 2 with soft light mode and this time reduce the opacity to 85%. Add a layer mask to and hide all parts except this part (see the image below).
Now, add Hue/Saturation to the Nebula 2 layer. Set the values as shown in the image below. As a Hue/Saturation results, it has given a realistic light glow on the model body. This what we needed and we'll enhance in the next couple of steps. You can see the results below.

Step 35

Now create a new layer and using a soft round basic brush with color #463213 and with opacity to 30% as well as flow. Paint some light one more time. If you are satisfied with results then you can continue if not you can also paint on duplicated nebula 2 texture to get more results than satisfied your needs.

Step 36

Change the blend mode to Color Dodge. Here are the results.

Step 37

Again create a new layer and paint some more lights as shown in the image below with the same setting in the previous step.
This time change the blend mode to Linear Dodge and reduce the opacity to 20%. Here are the results.

Step 38

I painted some lights on the model with the same brush setting but changed the color to #132f46.
Now change the blend mode to linear dodge. Here are the results.

Step 39

Create a new layer to add our little friend of this lost lady which is Dragonfly. So, load the Dragonfly brushes and paint it as shown in the image (Feel free to use it anywhere).

Step 40

Add a Blending Options effect to the Dragonfly. To do this right-click on dragonfly layer and choose Blending Options. Here are the values for Blending Options.
Here are the results.

Step 41

Add many different dragonflies and choose different outer glow color to make them glow with different colors. I have used 10 layers to arrange them. Here are the results.

Step 42

Let's add some more Fog to the scene. To do this create a new layer, use a soft round basic brush then change your foreground color to #b4b4b4. Here are the results.

Step 43

Add a layer mask to the fog layer then goto Filter > Render > Clouds. Apply it once and here are the results.

Step 44

Add a Hue/Saturation adjustment layer to fog. Here are the results.

Step 45

Open the Starry Texture package and choose Starry 1. Place it to the main document then set the blend mode of Starry 1 to screen. Here are the results.

Step 46

Add Level Adjustments layer to Starry 1. It's a good working or manipulations (In Photoshop) practices to keep all the layer well-arranged using Groups. Here are the results and you can see how well-arranged my Layer Panel in the image below.

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