Here are the overall results so far.

Step 47

Create a new layer use the basic soft round basic brush then change your foreground color to #0b2a4d. Then change the brush size to around 800 pixels and paint a big dot as shown in the image below.
Change the Blend Mode of this layer to Linear Dodge and reduce the opacity to 50%. Here are the results.

Step 48

We are almost done but still short of Final Adjustments. So, add a Brightness/Contrast and Curves adjustment layer. See the image below for values then reduce the opacity of Brightness/Contrast to 60%.
Here are the results.

Step 49

Add a Brightness/Contrast adjustments layer.
Here are the results.

Step 50

Add a Color Balance Adjustments layer. Set the setting as shown in the image below. step-050 Here are the results.

Step 51

Add a Color Lookup Adjustment and set values as shown in the image below. Change the blend mode of Color Lookup to Color and then reduce the opacity to 30%.
Here are the results.

Final Results

Download the PSD


Tutorial by Bunty Pundir

Thank you for following the tutorial. I hope you like it and learned something new today. I am an artist from New Delhi, India. You can follow me on Facebook, Behance, and Deviantart for my artworks as well as for tutorials. Always remember three Magical Words “Never Give Up”. Have a Great Photoshopping Day. – Bunny

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