Step 10

Let’s create some Fog. To do this, create a new layer by pressing (Shift + Ctrl + N) on the keyboard and name it ‘Fog’. Grab the brush tool by pressing (B) on the keyboard and change your foreground color to #a5a7a8. Then paint it with 30% opacity as well as flow. Here are the results.

Step 11

Add a layer mask to fog layer while selecting layer mask goto Filter > Render > Clouds. Apply the cloud filter once (Don’t hesitate to do it more than one time to get better results). Here you can see the results.

Step 12

Add a Hue/Saturation Adjustment layer to the ‘Fog’ layer to properly blend it into the scene. Set the setting as shown in the image below.
Here are the results.

Step 13

To light up the scene, I created a new layer. Choose a soft round brush tool with opacity and flow to 30% then change your foreground color to #304653 and paint as shown in the image below.
Now change the blending mode to Color Dodge and reduce the opacity to 37%. Reducing the opacity is depend on how brighter is your color. Here are the results. step-013a

Step 14

Now, Extract the model with your favorite selection tool and place it to the main document as shown in the image below. You can see that I have kept some parts around the hair. I have also kept the leaves the part of the model because we’ll match it with forest parts and it will help us to blend the model properly to the scene without a single fuss.

Step 15

Now, we’ll fix the hair. There are a lot of techniques for fixing the hair around the Internet like painting the hair with Tablet, using the already painted hair, and many more. To be honest, I really don’t know how to paint hair and I don’t have any tablet either. But I have developed a little trick to fix hair and I use this technique almost in my every manipulation. So, let’s fix it. In previous you have seen that I didn’t mask the parts around the hair. Because I am gonna extract it using the Refine Edge Tool. So, Right-click on the model layer and choose Refine Mask. You’ll see a refine mask edge dialog box appeared on your screen as shown in the image below. Choose the refine radius tool as shown in the image below then set the size as you needed. Then simply paint around the model hair as shown in the image below to extract the hair.
Here are the result and pretty much decent results we have got but it is still not looking good and we don’t want that. Don’t worry about that, we’ll fix it in the next couple of steps. Meanwhile, Start blending the model to the scene in the next step.

Step 16

Let’s start blending the model to the scene. So, apply an Exposure and Photo Filter Adjustment layer to the model. Set the values as shown in the image below.
Here are the results. step-016a

Step 17

Continue blending the model to the scene using Color Balance Adjustment layer as shown in the image below. step-017 Here are the results.

Step 18

I have darkened the model little bit using the Curves Adjustment layer.
Here are the results.

Step 19

Now, we’ll fix the hair properly. Open the hair PSD file in Photoshop and choose the bottom brown hair. Now, place it as shown in the image below.

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