How to Create a Mystic Lady Photo Manipulation

How to Create a Mystic Lady Photo Manipulation
How to Create a Mystic Lady Photo Manipulation

Step 5

Create a new layer (Shift+Ctrl+N). I named this layer smudged skin.


Activate the smudge tool in the tool panel.


Try to choose a very soft round brush for the tool. Set its strength to 52 and check sample all layers


Start to smudge some areas around the model’s face as shown in the selection in the screenshot:


Here is the result I created:


Step 6

In this step we will create eye make up to enhance the look of the eyes. Take pen tool in the tool panel (P). Start to trace the eye areas by clicking the tool to make some anchor point. Make sure to click, hold and drag the anchor point if we want to curve the path. When the path is closed, right click on the path to show the path command option. Choose Make Path Selection, this will change the path into a selection.


Set the feather radius to 2 for the selection.


Step 7

Then after making the selection, go to Layer > New Adjustment Layers > Hue/Saturation


There will be a hue/saturation layer with a layer mask. Set the adjustment layer to the setting as in the screenshot.


Finally, set this hue/saturation layer to overlay blending at 44% opacity.


Step 8

Proceed to create another selection around the eye.


Then, give this selection some color by adding a hue/saturation as in the previous step. Set the setting for this adjustment layer as the one shown in the screenshot.


For this adjustment layer, set it to overlay at 100% opacity.


Step 9

Do the same way to give make up for the other eye.


Here is the result


Step 10

Select all the hue/saturation layers and then hit Ctrl+G to group then in a folder. I named this folder as eye make up. Give this group layer a layer mask.


Then, mask the color of the eye make up that overlap to the model’s hair.


Step 11

In this step, we will proceed to add eyelashes for the model. Make sure we have install the eyelashbrushes in photoshop. Create a new layer. Activate the brush tool and choose one of the eyelash brush. Set the size to fit the eye.


With black color, paint the eyelash to the model eye on this new layer. Rearrange its position to fit the eye by rotating it a bit. I named this layer eyelash.


With the eyelash layer selected, click the layer style icon in the bottom of the layer panel.


Give this eyelash inner glow layer style:


Step 12

Duplicate the eyelash layer. Then, with the duplicate layer still selected, go to edit > Transform > Flip Horizontal. Rearrange the position to fit the eye.


Step 13

Create another new layer below the previous eyelash layers. Take the other eyelash brush. On the new layer, paint the eyelash with black color.


Set the opacity to 50% for this eyelash.


Step 14

Do the same way to add more eyelash to the other eye.


Step 15

Next, create again a new layer and take the lower eyelash brush. On this new layer, paint the lower eyelash.


Set the opacity for this lower eyelash to 66%.


Duplicate the lower eyelash. Flip the duplicate horizontally and place it to the other eye. Set it to normal blending at 76% opacity.


Step 16

Proceed to do retouching to the model’s lips. We use the same way of how colorizing the eye in previous step 7 and 8. Make sure to set the amount of the hue/saturation as the one in the screenshot below. Set the adjustment layer to normal blending at 50% opacity.


Next, duplicate the hue/saturation layer two times. Set the first duplicate to overlay blending at 73% opacity and the second to overlay at 30% opacity. Here is the result will look:


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  1. Amazing, thanks a lot but i got a few things to say:There is no way u gonna resize and warp and get that. Where is d ice queen's necklace??? I thought u wld cut all that out before moving d image. I dnt knw if am d only one but after moving d cut part of d ice queen, no way am getting d next stop by warping n resizing.

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