Create a Mystical Night Forest Scene with an Angel

Create a Mystical Night Forest Scene with an Angel

Add adjustment layer, brightness/contrast:


Then add adjustment layer with color balance. Set it as below:


For realistic looking, add brightness/contrast adjustments layer:


Mask it as below


Now lights. Add brightness/contrast adjustments layer:


And mask it!


Step 19

Ok, bored enough? But here starts magic! Choose grass brush and pick colors #0a100d and #101518. Draw it on new layer on the edge of body shape model:


Step 20

Now on the floor, draw with big, white, soft brush some lights (40% opacity). Follow red strokes. Turn blending mode to Soft Light:


Step 21

Now we'll add hair for our model. Add new layer. Pick really small brush (ex. 2-4px) and draw it. Follow red arrows. For choosing colors my "map" will help you:


Step 22

Now you have to add some blue reflections on model. Draw it on new layer with 1px soft brush #83b8e4 color. Again, red arrows will help you. Draw it really gently :):


Step 23 - world around her

Next step is adding lights to the woods. For this on new layer. Draw with soft, round brush color #83b8e4 on trees. But! Only by one side. Light goes from top-right corners, so it will fall from this side on woods;


Change opacity to 30%


Step 24

Add new layer and pick soft round brush, 23 px wide. Change opacity of brush to 45%. Draw with it on edges of rocks and woods. Than change opacity to screen. Change layer opacity to 65%:


Step 25

On new layer draw with 2-4px wide, soft round brush light strokes on branches:


Red arrows always helpful. Remember about light source!


Step 26 - foreground

For the deep use Grass 01 png and paste it as shown below:


Then blur it. Filter > Blur > Gaussian blur:


Step 27

Paste Corner leaves stock. Blur it. Filter > Gaussian blur (on the top in filters menu):


Now, we will back to adjustments layers :). Add new adjustments layer > brightness/contrast:


Again add adjustments layer, choose hue/saturation:


Then add adjustments layer with color balance:


Step 28 - final touches

Create new layer. Fill it with #7da7d9 color. Change opacity to 60%, change blending mode to Soft Light:


Then add adjustments layer. Choose brightness/contrasts:


Step 29

You have to blend wings with model. Add new layer. Choose #73686d color and, where her skin mixing with wing, draw with soft, round brush (20px) a dot. Then change color to #3e536e and draw on the edge of wing:


Step 30

We'll create feathers. Add new layer. Choose #87acca, soft round brush (max. 2px). Draw as shown:


Step 31

Now you have to draw light source. Add layer. Choose #7da6d7 color and pick soft round brush, 22 px wide. Be crazy, but natural! :) :


Choose Right Mouse Button light source layer. Convert it to Smart Object. Choose Filter > Blur > Gaussian blur:


Step 32

Add new layer. Choose white rounded brush, big size. Change brush opacity to 35% and draw light reflections:


Change blending mode to Soft Light.


Step 33

Create new layer. Fill it with #00497e. Change opacity 70%, and mode to Multiply:


Choose Elliptical Marquee Tool. Set feather to 120px or more, if you want. Place marquee to top-right corner. Delete the selected content (delete):




Step 34

You will create particles. Add new layer. Choose Rough Round Bristles brush, white, with default settings. Draw on wings, model's hair, feet and book:

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32 comments on “Create a Mystical Night Forest Scene with an Angel”

  1. I don't understand Step 14

    "Paste wings, as shown. Try different combinations for the best look:"

    How do you paste and get the box in the picture?

  2. I fail to advance beyond the first few steps of this tutorial. Grammar could be improved but is not that much of an issue. What bothers me is how many steps are skips, and how vague the description of every step is. Show more of what you're doing, show more of your screen. We really need to see what you do in order to better understand.

  3. This tutorial absolutely sucks. First off his/her english is bad.. that's not a problem. But you are doing things that some people don't know how to get too and you're skipping steps.

    1. yeah i didnt get it either and seems to miss things out expecting you to know which is hard..

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