Learn this easy method to creating the popular orange and teal look in Photoshop. Orange and teal is a popular combination used in color grading due to the color contrast it creates; orange and teal are nearly opposite of each other on the color wheel. This tutorial will show you how to combine the Channel Mixer and Hue/Saturation adjustment layers to create this effect. This technique also lets you export it out as a 3D LUT from the Photoshop File > Export > Color Lookup Tables menu.

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  1. lou Avatar

    no se te entiende nada amigo, me quedo como el cul0

    1. dany Avatar

      many helpfull video im starter in photoshop,im try to make some images in my site can someone help me?

  2.  Avatar

    very useful, thank you so much!

  3. leila Avatar

    thank you for your help

  4. ali ft Avatar
    ali ft

    thanks to sharing this tutorial, i used it… ^_^

  5. Noel Avatar

    Very helpful! Thank you very much!!!

  6. پروژه معماری Avatar
    پروژه معماری

    its very clever way to make photos teal and orange. thank you again

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  8. hamkumar Avatar

    Amazing tutorial

  9. ekFarshiD Avatar

    thanks a lot. its very clever way to make photos teal and orange. thank you again

  10. fernando Avatar

    i cant see the tutorial! “image cant loaded”

  11. Optical Overlays Avatar
    Optical Overlays

    Amazing! :-)))))))))

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    Joynul Abedin

    great color combination.

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