How to Create a Cute Sleeping Moon Illustration

Step 12

Select your Brush Tool (B) and set your foreground color to dark yellow (#aba000)

Step 13

Lets travel up to our Sleeping Cap group. And we are going to trace the cap in the moon sketch. Now select your Line Tool (U) in the shape sub-menu, make sure the color is red (#ff0000) and Stroke is 1 pt. Hold down shift + click and drag the line down from the tip of the cap.

Step 14

Now we’re going to render the sleeping cap, adding some lighting and shading to it.

Step 15

And now we’re going to create a string and ball to go with the sleeping cap. Select your Line Tool (U) set the Fill to red and Stroke to pt 1.

Step 16

Now ellipse Tool (U) in the shape sub-menu. Now hold down shift + click drag a small Ellipse out and set it under your string.

Step 17

Now its time to add some rendering to the ball of the sleeping cap.

Step 18

Its time to work on our background. Go to your “Sky Background” group and select your Rectangle Tool (U). Locate the top left hand corner of your canvas and Click + Hold drag your Rectangle Tool down to the bottom right corner. Or you can go to the Rectangle Tool menu bar at the top and change the width to 800px and height to 800px then center align your background. Once that’s done change the name of your layer to “Sky”. And now right click the layer and go to Blending Mode and select Gradient Overlay, copy the settings in example. Gradient code from left to right (#009cff #00106f #080025)

Step 19

Moving on lets create some stars for our background. This part is very easy to do because we’re going to place small white dots in different areas of top portion of the sky. Create a new layer above your “Sky Background” layer and rename it “Stars”. Now we’re going to select our Brush Tool (B). Make sure your foreground color is set to white (#ffffff). Throughout this process we will change the brush range from 1 pt to 4 pt, doing this will give a little variety to the stars we’re going to place here.

Step 20

Next we’re going to design some clouds to go with our sky and stars. Whip out the trusty Pen Tool (P) and follow what you see in the example below. Remember to Click + Hold and Drag your handle back into the Anchor Point after a single curve.

Step 21

You can make as many clouds as you want using that method. The sky is the limit. We’re going to make a big cloud that is further in on the background on the left side of our moon.

Step 22

We are going to render our clouds in this step. Go to your Blending options for the top right cloud. Copy Blending Option settings below.

Step 23

And this should be the result of using my Blending Option formula. You can apply these settings to every new cloud you design.

Step 24

For the large cloud on left I changed the Blending settings a little to give it a nice background fade effect. To achieve that same look copy these Blending settings below.

Step 25

Now its time to add some texture to our entire design. Make sure all 3 group layers are visible. Create new layer above your three groups and rename it “Texture”. Now select your Paint Bucket Tool (M) make sure your foreground color is black and just click the center of your canvas.

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