How to Draw a Colorful Fantasy Dragon Battle Scene in Photoshop

How to Draw a Colorful Fantasy Dragon Battle Scene in Photoshop

Step 10

Cut out the other part of the source picture in step 8, and drag the cut out to document. We will begin to apply textures to the main body.

Step 11

I started to give the texture to the area around the neck and the back. Duplicate the cut out layer some times as needed. Make sure to create clipping mask for each duplication layers. Try to arrange the positions of them in such way that they will not look uniform. To get good result, vary the blending of the duplication layers to hard light, overlay or multiply. Then, I decided to hide the texture around the chest area. Give each duplication layer a layer mask and then hide the part of the textures on the chest area.

Step 12

With the same way as in the previous step 11, proceed to work on the face and tail area. Finally group the main body layers.

Step 13

Cut out the other part of the source image again (step 8). We will apply the texture for the chest and some areas round the tail. Please refer back to previous step 11-12 for similar steps. The result is determined by the variations of the blending for the textures. Try to vary the blending of the duplication layers that we make to overlay, hard light, or multiply.

Step 14

Here is the result I created for the main body after doing about 15 duplication layers at various blending.

Step 15

Again, take the other texture and apply it to the right leg. Please refer to the previous steps for the similar steps.

Step 16

Create a new layer above the left wing layer. Take Pen tool and create the path like the one I created. Fill the path with black.

Step 17

Give this layer a layer style:

Step 18

Cut out another part of the source picture (step 8). This cut out is for the wing texture. Scale the cut out up to fit the wing. Create clipping mask for this layer. Set it to soft light at 100% opacity. Duplicate this layer some times as needed. Set the blending of the duplication layers vary to color and soft light. Finally, group the wing layers.

Step 19

I decided to simply duplicate the wing group and place the duplication group underneath the original wing group. We will use this duplication for the other wing. Scale the duplication down a bit. Rotate it. And there it is.. we have the right wing for the dragon. We have done with the dragon.

Step 20

Create a new document of 1500 pxl wide and 1596 pxl high.

Step 21

Open the tower picture into the new document. Hit Ctrl+T to activate Free Transform tool. Scale the tower picture up. Try to get the result I created.

Step 22

There is a white blank area on the document. We need to fill it out. Take Rectangular Marquee tool. Make selection on the upper part of the tower picture. Hit Ctrl+J to duplicate the selection into a new layer. With this new layer still selected, activate the Free Transform tool again. Click and drag up the layer to cover the blank area. Finally, merge these layer (Ctrl+E).

Step 23

Duplicate the tower layer. With the duplication selected, go to Filter > Other > High Pass. Then set the blending of this layer to overlay. Take Dodge tool. Set it to Highlight at 8 % exposure. With a very soft brush, stroke gently some part of the closest tower.

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  1. First of all I love this and have learnt a lot but....
    Couldn't get the fire selection bit to work, every time I pressed Control which I assume is command on the mac and clicked the thumb nail it selected the whole thing. I tried making my own selection but I ended up with a black outline and no colour. Baffled !

  2. That's really cool and very helpful.
    I tend to use reptile scales for the texture of the dragon - I just take a picture of my pet lizard XD
    But still, thank you :)

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