How to Draw a Colorful Fantasy Dragon Battle Scene in Photoshop

How to Draw a Colorful Fantasy Dragon Battle Scene in Photoshop

Step 24

Open the model picture. Extract the model from the background. Finally, drag it to the document. Place the model on the tower.

Step 25

Next, create a new layer. Give this layer Gradient. Please see the illustration picture for the gradient setting. Set the blending of this layer to soft light at 100% opacity.

Step 26

Create a new layer again. Make sure to set the foreground color to #51514e and the background to #e4dfde. Next go to Filter > Render > Cloud. Set this layer to soft light at 40% opacity.

Step 27

Open the nebula picture on the document. Hit Ctrl+T to activate Free Transform Tool and scale the picture up to fit the canvas. Set this layer to overlay blending at 46% opacity. Finally, give this layer a new adjustment layer: Color Balance. Make sure to create this color balance layer clipping mask.

Step 28

Create a new layer. I decided to add a moon on the scene. Take Elliptical Marquee tool and make round selection. Fill (Shift+F5) the selection with white. Finally give this layer a layer style: Outer Glow.

Step 29

Next, duplicate the moon layer one time. Set the blending of the duplication to color dodge at 100% opacity and the original moon layer to normal at 19% opacity. Then, create a new layer above the duplication moon layer. Create this new layer clipping mask. With the foreground set to black and the background to white, go to Filter > Render >Cloud to give this layer cloud. Please see the result I created in the illustration picture.

Step 30

I decided to make the color of the scene more intent so to achieve this, I duplicated the gradient layer (created in step 25) and placed the duplication above the moon layer. I set this blending of this layer to soft light 100% opacity.

Step 31

Add the dragon into scene. Scale it to fit the scene and place it in front of the moon.

Step 32

Create a new layer above the dragon layer. Create this layer clipping mask. Take Brush tool. Choose a very soft brush and set the opacity of the brush to 15%. With white color, stroke the edges of the dragon especially the ones to which the light of the moon is exposed. See the black arrows pointing the areas to which the brush is stroked.

Step 33

Next, create a new adjustment layer : Color Balance. Set the blending of this layer to normal at 100% opacity. Then, duplicate this color balance layer one time. Set this duplication to normal at 50% opacity.

Step 34

Again, create a new adjustment layer: Gradient Map. See the setting for the gradient in the illustration picture. Hide some area affected by the gradient with a layer mask. Finally set the blending of this layer to screen at 52% opacity.

Step 35

Create another new adjustment layer: Brightness/Contrast. Hide some areas affected by this layer. Please see the illustration picture

Step 36

Now hit Shift+Ctrl+Alt+E to stamp all the visible layers. This will create a new layer. With this layer selected, go to filter > blur > Gaussian blur. Then set the blending for this layer to soft light at 70% opacity. Next, create a new adjustment layer: Exposure. Create this new adjustment layer clipping mask in order to effect only the Gaussian layer.

Step 37

Create a black new document of 900 pxl wide and 900 pxl high. We will manipulate fire for the dragon.

Step 38

Create a new layer. Take Brush tool in the tool panel. With white color, stroke a shape like the one I created (1) Now activate Smudge tool. Choose a very soft brush. With Strength of 60-80%, start to smudge the shape (2) Vary the size of the brush to 5-10 pxl and keep on smudging until finding the desired shape. See the result I created (3).

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  1. First of all I love this and have learnt a lot but....
    Couldn't get the fire selection bit to work, every time I pressed Control which I assume is command on the mac and clicked the thumb nail it selected the whole thing. I tried making my own selection but I ended up with a black outline and no colour. Baffled !

  2. That's really cool and very helpful.
    I tend to use reptile scales for the texture of the dragon - I just take a picture of my pet lizard XD
    But still, thank you :)

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