How to Create Your Own Product Mockup Box in Photoshop

Learn how to create your own realistic looking Product Mockup Box in Photoshop with this very easy tutorial

This image was made to help readers create their very own product mockup. To create this, we’ll start by making the boxes. Next, we’ll add some designs to the box. Finally, we’ll finish it up with shadows and highlights to make the work look more realistic. You’ll need Photoshop CS3 or newer to follow this tutorial.


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Step 1

Let’s start by creating a canvas at 1588×1191 pixels big then proceed by changing the background color to #d2d3d5;


To make this graphic more neat-looking and not disorganized to work with, we need rulers and grids. You can access the rulers by going to View > Rulers (or press Ctrl + R) as for the grids go to View > Show > Grids ( or press Ctrl + , ). Here is my settings for the grids, be sure to change yours the same as mine so that the following steps won’t be confusing.


Step 2

Create a New Group and rename it ‘Right Side’. Create a New Layer and name that as ‘Right Side’ as well. Using the Rectangular Marquee Tool, make a selection that is 795×1078 pixels big. Once you’ve done that fill the selection with a random color. I just filled it with white (#FFFFFF).


Then proceed by making it a Smart Object, you can do so by right-clicking the layer then selecting ‘Make A Smart Object’. Doing so would let us change everything we want we this layer without actually ‘ruining’ it.

Step 3

Create another Group but this time name it ‘Left Side’. Create a New Layer and name that as ‘Left Side’ as well. Just like what we did before, we need to make a selection and then follow up by filling it with a random color. This time, make a selection that is 483×1078 pixels big. Then just like what we did in the previous step, transform the layer into a smart object.

Step 4

Before actually doing the design part, let’s adjust the layers and transform them into a 3d realistic box. And we’ll start with the Right Side of the box. Select that layer and then press Ctrl + T we need to transform it and we’ll start by actually shrinking it (shrink it by 75%) a bit until it’s only 814~ tall. Be sure that you don’t forget to click on the chain icon when shrinking it. Then Go to Edit > Transform > Perspective and transform it like so: (basically you just want to touch the right side….)


Then Press Ctrl + T, hold the Ctrl key and you want to shrink the right side just a bit to make it look more like a rectangle rather than a fat square.


Step 5

As for the left side of the box we will be doing another thing. First just like what we did before, you want to shrink it by 75%. With this section of the box, you just want to use hold the Ctrl key and transform it until you come up with what looks like a 3d box… make sure that the height of the distorted sides are parallel to the distorted part of the right section, don’t forget to shrink the left section of the box. You’ll have something like this in the end…


Step 6

Now that that’s done, we can finally start doing the design part. We’ll start with the right section of the box so with that being said, select that layer and double-click the smart object to open it. In this part, you can either create your own design or follow whatI’m doing.
For the design I did, I used a sky blue color scheme for the box. So if you want to follow the design I did, start by changing the background color to #e1ebe4; mine is actually just a simple one. After the background let’s proceed by doing the title (placed on the top-center of the design..). I used the following fonts for the title (I used the color #1f1f20;) :

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