How to Create Your Own Product Mockup Box in Photoshop

How to Create Your Own Product Mockup Box in Photoshop

Step 7

Once you've done your design save it and as soon as you save it you'll see that the design you just made will show up on our original canvas. Now let's proceed with the left section... so just like before, select the left section and double-click the smart object icon to open it and then create your design for that section. For those who decided to follow the design I did, change the background color to #a5dfda; then just copy and place the title we did on the right section of the box but tilt the text. Change the color of the check symbol to white and add more symbols (all the symbols I used can be found on the Custom Shape Tool).
Then just like before, add random text on the bottom part of the design. Once you're happy with your design, save it. Here is what it looks like right now:

Step 8

Now that we are done with our design, we'll proceed by adding shadows to make it look more realistic. Let's start by creating a new group and this time name it 'Shadows'. Create a new layer and name it 'Back'. Proceed by making a selection that is as big as our box and then fill it with black. Once you've done that proceed by distorting it by holding the Ctrl key and make it distorted as shown below. Once you're done gaussian blur the layer then change the blend mode to soft light.

Step 9

Create a New Layer and name it 'Bottom'. Change your foreground color to #000000; and using the brush tool (brush at a relatively big size, hardness at 0%) brush randomly at the bottom part of the box then change the blend mode to soft light and the layer's opacity to 85%

Step 10

Create a new layer and this time name it 'Light'. Change your background color to #ffffff; make your brush size bigger and brush three times at the center of the box. Change the blend mode to soft light.

Step 11

Create a new layer and name it 'Bottom 2'. Then select the brush tool and change it like so.
Select the Pen Tool and make a path around the bottom part of the box and then right-click> stroke path and make sure that the box that says Stimulate Preassure is ticked. Follow by changing the opacity and fill respectively to 50% and 55%

Step 12

Open the 'Right SIde' Group, create two new layers and name them 'Shadows' and 'Shadows 2' and make sure that they are both clipped to the design layer. Use a soft brush with the hardness at 0%. Set both layers' blend mode to soft light. With the first 'shadow' layer, make a big U shape around the box. With the second one, use the same brush but with a lighter opacity and brush around the text part of the design to give it more depth and emphasis.

Step 13

Create two new layers and name them 'details:shadows' and 'details:highlights'. In this step you just want to repeat step 11. Use #ffffff; for the highlights and #000000; for the shadows. Make a path just above and below the box

Step 14

Repeat the last two steps with the left section of the box

Step 15

Create a new group and name it 'Details'. Follow by creating a new layer and naming it 'Left Flap'. Using the Pen Tool, you want to create a triangle -like shape but with a really flat center. Then right-click and fill it with #767676; Next you want to add an Inner Shadow to it...

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  1. this great idea ...for making my own mockup !!!! simple ,,,, just play in contrast :)

    like your photoshop tutorial

  2. I have always wanted to create my own mockups and this was a great tutorial on how to do a product box using smart objects. Thanks!

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