Step 16

Next, add reflection on water like in step 11. Select Comets 1 layer and click Ctrl/Cmd + J to duplicate. Use Transform Tool (Ctrl/Cmd + T) and flip vertical.

Then create a layer mask and use Brush Tool (B) to delete unnecessary parts. Opacity set to 7%. Foreground color set to black, see the example in the image below.

Step 17

Next, we add some glow and lights. Select a layer Man and click on icon create a new layer. Right click on layer and create clipping mask and blend mode change to Color Dodge with opacity 9%. Now open a color picker and change code to #808080 and use Brush Tool(B) and paint. When we combine color code #808080 and Color Dodge mode we got the glow effect.

Step 18

Now repeat the procedure the same as from the previous step, but opacity set to 31%.

Step 19

Go to File > Place and select particles. Place as shown in the picture below. Blend mode change to Color Dodge with opacity 10%.

Step 20

Add Adjustment layer Levels

Step 21

Add Adjustments Layer Gradient Map

In Presets group choose Blues and use any map. Click on left corner and use black color and for right corner select #0a8eb9 then press Ok. Blend mode change from Normal to Soft Light with Opacity 20%.

Step 22

Now add Adjustment Layer Selective Color

Step 23

Add Adjustment Layer Color Balance and change opacity to 30%.

Step 23

Add Adjustment Layer Brightness/Contrast

Step 24

Add Adjustment Layer Color Fil and Blend mode change to Soft Light and Opacity 20%

And finally, everything should look like this.

Final Results

Download the PSD

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