How to Achieve Any Effect in Photoshop (Part 1)

How to Achieve Any Effect in Photoshop (Part 1)
How to Achieve Any Effect in Photoshop (Part 1)

In this 2 part series, you’ll learn brand new techniques that you can use to replicate color gradings.

I came up with some new techniques that will make replicating looks so much easier and faster with less guesswork involved. These techniques will work with a majority of the color grading effects out there. And it’s also the very first time I’m teaching it to anyone.

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8 comments on “How to Achieve Any Effect in Photoshop (Part 1)”

  1. Dear Sir, Thank you for share this knowledgeable video content. Tutorial video little bit first, but i understand this video. It's really helpful for beginners to masters.

  2. Hi Denny: Great tutorial as always. Have a question. Is it possible to get the narrative in written format. Being an old sailor I tend to do better with things that I can read an then follow in a step by step fashion. So much information and memory is not as sharp as it used to be.

  3. Wow! This was amazing. Love your videos.. and I love how quickly you move through your lessons.

  4. Love your videos and tips, however, for you to lump everyone in the same category by telling us that we don't have a requisite amount of attention span? Rude dude. Not a good idea to offend your subscribers.

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