How to Create an “Alice in Wonderland” Inspired Artwork with Photoshop

How to Create an “Alice in Wonderland” Inspired Artwork with Photoshop
How to Create an “Alice in Wonderland” Inspired Artwork with Photoshop

Step 16

Right-click your Alice layer and choose "Duplicate Layer." Rename it "Alice blur" and drag it below the Alice layer. Click the "Alice blur" layer to select it and click "Filter > Blur > Motion Blur." Set the Angle to "-90" and the Distance to "195."


Set the layer to "Multiply" and use the Eraser Tool to remove the blur below the model.


Step 17

Create a new layer called "alice shadow." Choose the Gradient Tool and set the foreground to black. Make sure the gradient is still set to "Radial" and uncheck the "Reverse" option in the Gradient toolbar. Click the center of the floor below the model and drag a short line to the right to create a small gradient. Use the Move Tool to reduce the height and position the gradient below the model as shown below. Once you have it centered nicely, reduce the layer Opacity to 70%.


Step 18

Time to do a little project organization. Hold down the Shift key and select all four Alice layers (including the invisible one) and her hair layers. Click "Layer > New > Group from Layers" and name it "Alice." This will create a collapsed group in your layer panel that makes it easier to keep track of each separate element of our composition.


Step 19

Select "Layer 1" or the layer with your background image. Click "File > Place" and choose the rabbit photo. Scale it down to a proportional rabbit-size and position it above the model. Right-click the image and choose "Rotate" and rotate it slightly to the left.


Step 20

Choose the Polygonal Lasso Tool and create a selection around the white rabbit in the middle. Hit Shift+Cmd+I(MAC) or Shift+Ctrl+I(PC) to Inverse the selection and then click "Layer > Layer Mask > Hide Selection." Set the foreground to black and remove the remaining background with the Brush Tool. Use a lower opacity and smaller brush when working around the edge of the fur so it blends into the background better. You may find it easier to see what you are doing by turning off the gradient layer for the time being.


Step 21

The rabbit is a little pink. This can be fixed easily by clicking on "Image > Auto Tone." If this option is grayed out, right-click your rabbit layer and choose "Rasterize."

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