How to Create This Mystical Scene and Add Makeup to a Girl in Photoshop

How to Create This Mystical Scene and Add Makeup to a Girl in Photoshop
Shadows: Layer Normal mode 50% opacity.
Light 1: Layer Normal mode 50% of opacity.
Light 2: With a small brush paint over the details, use layer in soft light mode.

Step 40 – Butterfly.

Add a butterfly to the image and apply the filter motion blur. Go to Filter – Blur – Motion Blur.
Press Motion Blur and use 28 in angle and in distance use 13px.

Step 41 - Color

Add a texture layer and use Gaussian blur to make it softer. Filter – Blur – Gaussian Blur.
Use 100px of radius.

Step 42- Layer Mode

Use soft light mode in that layer.

Step 43 - Lighting

Add a new layer with a stock like this one:
Now apply Gaussian Blur. Filter- Blur – Gaussian Blur. And add 150px radius.

Step 44 - Saturation

Reduce the saturation of the layer press Ctrl+U or go to Image- Adjustments – Hue/Saturation. and in the option saturation put -100.

Step 45 – Layer Mode

Change layer mode to soft light and reduce the opacity to 70%

Final Results

That's it, hope you have great results using this tutorial.

Tutorial by Andrea Garcia

clip_image102Thank you so much for reading this tutorial I hope this is helpful for you all I you want to check more of my art go to - Andrea García

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  1. LOVE IT! :3 i wish i could edit in that way one day... :) thanks for shared it with us :)sorry for my english xD

  2. Great tutorial...
    May I ask in step 41 - texture, why I can't find it in resource, could you mind to reupload it? Thanks so much for useful tut..:)

    1. A.A.
      How are you?
      Please information to share me ,who can you make this pitchers.

      I am a Photographer of fashion shoot.

      Multan (Pakistan).

  3. THaaanks so much for this type of tutorials. I have never used photoshop but today I came to know such great demonstration. Now I am going to learn photoshop ...

    Thanks Again...

  4. The glow around the girl looks more like the halos you see in HDR photos than a glow that's emitting from the girl. I would make it glow only around the parts where her skin is revealed... so not so much around the hair and none around the arms but only in the parts where her skin is.

    Also, I would use a vector mask instead of making a selection and duplicating the layer in step 3.

    1. Yeahhhh looks fake and overall amateur tutorial. No usage of layer masks or smart filters. You can do it anyway you like but teach it properly so people don't end up like you.

    2. Ok I agree with some of the things you said but as a whole this tutorial is great! Well explained.

      PS: ARIGATO Andrea!!

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