Gritty HDR

Gritty HDR

Step 7: Add a 50% gray fill

Select the Grain layer that we created in the previous step. Then, press Ctrl+Backspace to access the Fill tool. In the Fill tool, select 50% Gray in the Use drop down menu and click OK. This will fill the layer with 50% gray.
The reason we're using 50% gray is because it will not be visible on many layer blending modes including Overlay. This means that the gray will not be visible on our Grain layer because it's using Overlay as the blending mode. So why did we do this if it does nothing? Some filters including the Add Noise filter we'll be using in the next step won't work on an empty layer. In order to use it, we had to fill the layer with 50% gray and change the blending mode to one of the blending modes that won't show the 50% gray.

Step 8: Add Noise

Choose Filter> Noise> Add Noise. In the Add Noise tool, checkmark Monochromatic and click OK.

Step 9: Blur the noise

Choose Filter> Blur> Gaussian Blur and enter 0.3 in the Radius setting then click OK.

Step 10: Increase the contrast of the layer with Auto Levels

Choose Image> Adjustments> Auto Levels. This will increase the contrast of the layer making the noise extremely visible. Reduce the opacity of the layer until you get the noise level you desire.

Final Results

Original Image
Gritty HDR
Gritty HDR Photoshop Tutorial

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