Rusted Metal Art

Rusted Metal Art
When you are done, you should have an artistic rusted metal image. It may look flat, but we'll add some depth to it in the next steps.

Step 13

To add depth to the flat image, we'll be using Photoshop's lighting filter. First, select to activate the rust layer (not it's layer mask). Open the Filter> Render layer and select Lighting. Play around with the Lighting tool to create the lighting effect that you would like but there are a few settings that needs to be set according to these instructions. First, set the gloss and material to -100. Depending on which lighting effect, these property settings may or maynot produce a significant result. But there is one setting that will create a strong effect. This is the Texture Channel setting. Select Red as the texture channel and adjust the height. The lighting tool isn't able to show a full preview, so you will have to experiment with this a few times. Start off with a height at 25 and click OK. If it doesn't give you the results you like, press Ctrl+Z to undo and open the Lighting filter again (Filter> Render> Lighting). The lighting tool should remember your setting so you can simply adjust the height of the texture channel.

Step 14

When you are done, select the "Metal" layer and apply the lighting filter again (Filter> Render> Lighting). But this time, set the Gloss and Material setting to +100.

Final Results of Rusted Metal Photoshop Tutorial

Original Image

Rusted Metal Photoshop Tutorial

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