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Create an Amazing Surreal-Style Treehouse in Photoshop


Step 11

The background created in the step 11 is so plain that we need to give it some cloud texture. To achieve this, we will create the cloud. Make another new white document of 1024 pixel wide and 731 pixel high. Set the foreground color to #92a8fb and the background to white. Give this new document cloud by going to Filter > Render > Cloud. Next take Lasso Tool in the tool panel. Click and drag the lasso tool on the document to make selection. Hit Shift+F6 to show Feather Selection’s option command box. Set the radius of the feather to 100 pixels. Hit Ctrl+J to duplicate the selection into a new single layer. Hide the main background by clicking the eye icon to see the result.


Step 12

Open the cloud into the background document created in step 10. Set the blending of this cloud layer to soft light. Hit Ctrl+T to activate Free Transform Tool. Wrap the cloud to distort the shape.


Step 13

To complete the cloud, proceed to do this: 1. Place the cloud layer created in step 12 in the position needed. 2. Duplicate the cloud layer some times as needed. With Move tool (M) locate the duplications where needed and also use Free Transform tool to scale or flip them to find desired cloud texture. Try to play around with the blending of each duplication layer varied to soft light and hard light. 3. Just mess around with distorting the shape of the clouds by wrapping them. 4. After doing some trials and errors, finally I got the desired cloud texture. Select all the cloud layers. Hit Ctrl+G to group them.


Step 14

Next duplicate the cloud group. Set the duplication to soft light blending at 100% opacity. Move the duplication layer down a bit. Please see the illustration picture to see the result.


Step 15

Next, please do this following: 1. open the tree on the canvas. 2. duplicate the tree layer. Scale the duplication a bit down and also flip it horizontally. Locate it a bit higher than the original layer. Place this layer underneath the original layer in the layer panel. 3. duplicate the tree layer again. Do similar step as the one in 2 but locate this duplication lower than the first duplication. 4. once again duplicate the original layer. Scale the duplication down, rotate it a bit and also locate it lower than the second duplication. Make sure to place the three duplication layers underneath the original one.


Step 16

Open the tree house stock picture. Extract the house from its background. I used Pen Tool to do this. With the pen tool selected, click on the picture to make the starting point anchor. Then proceed to trace the house by clicking to make the other anchors until the path is closed. When the path is closed, right click on the path to bring out the option command box. Choose Make Selection. Hit Shift+Ctrl+I to inverse the selection. Hit Del to delete the background.


Step 17

There are still some unneeded parts on the extracted house. See the illustration picture. They are marked in red. We need to clean them out. I did a simple way to do this: crop one of the ladder’s pole and then place the cropped to the one to be cleaned. I did the same way to the other unneeded parts on the picture. See the illustration picture.


Step 18

I decided to add more wood to platform. I did the similar way as on the step 17. Select all the house layers and hit Ctrl+E to merge them. I named this layer hut

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