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Create a Chilling Abstract Using Photos and Textures

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  1. Th One says:

    I believe the purpose is not to have you use the same photo at all. It simply shows you how to do the effects, and you can then choose your own photos to edit.

  2. Absolutely beautiful works.. This is what called “Creativity”.

  3. Smith says:

    Very good.

  4. Ma says:

    But you can download the PSD file and there are the stock images

  5. Jordan says:

    WHAT exactly is the purpose of trying to have us follow a tutorial with stock images that are not free?? Are we expected to purchase them JUST for the purpose of following this tutorial? I’m confused.

    1. Pejman says:

      Try to understand it from the writers view. I wish everything is free but bot everything is free on the web and often times the photos needed are not available free. The way I see tutorials is learn… but don’t copy. The tutorial appears like it can be completed with a different model picture. Find a model picture on DeviantART or use Google.

    2. Anonymous says:

      I m Agree jordan sir.

  6. Unidong says:

    Good tutorial. Only downside is you have to pay for the model’s picture.

    1. jackie says:

      check the PSD ;)

  7. karan verma says:

    I like this effect but

  8. silverstone says:

    too much photo-manipulation tutorials

  9. lele says:

    didnt help

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