Learn how to add a deadly-look to a portrait photo. This Photoshop tutorial will show you how to use a skull to give the face a creepy look, apply lighting effects, and more.

Preview of Final Results


Tutorial Resources

Step 1- Choose the Model.

This Picture is great to create this type of manipulation, because the model’s make up help a lot.


Step 2 – Change the size.

To do this go to Image -> Image size. Or Press (Alt+Ctrl +I). Resize the image to: Width:837 X Height: 1300 pixels and press ok.


Step 3- Select the Model.

Use the Lasso tool to Select the model.


Step 4- Duplicate a Layer

To duplicate that selection press Ctrl + J. Also you can give a right click in the selection and press the option Layer via copy.


You are going to have something like this:


Step 5 – Less Saturation

Duplicate the layer once again (Ctrl + J). In this layer reduce the Saturation (Ctrl + U) option Saturation: -100.


Step 6- Set the layer blend mode in Soft light.

To get more contrast use the layer in soft light mode with and reduce the opacity by: -50.


Step 7- The Skin

Use the Lasso tool to select the model’s skin and duplicate the layer (Ctrl +J).


Step 8- Reduce the Saturation

Press Ctrl + U. Or go to Image -> Adjustments -> Hue/ Saturation. In the option Saturation reduce at -50.

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