Create a Dark and Surreal Photo Manipulation in Photoshop

Create a Dark and Surreal Photo Manipulation in Photoshop

Create a Dark and Surreal Photo Manipulation in Photoshop

Step 11 - Adjusting drapery

Select the white drapery stock shown below and turn it to grayscale. Press Ctrl+I to invert the image and the result is shown below, marked 2. Use the ‘Curves’ adjustment layer with the settings shown in 3 to darken the cloth and get the result similar to the one shown below, marked 4.


Step 12 - Adding drapery on Main rock

Flip the resultant image of step 11 horizontally. Put this image on the right side, with ‘Darken’ 'Blending Option', positioned as shown below. Also, use another drapery stock shown below and position it as shown. Use burn tool to darken the portion shown below.


Step 13 - Cutting out the face

Now, open the face stock image. Use the 'Quick Selection' tool to select out the face from the background.


Press Alt + Ctrl + R or go to Select -> Refine Edge.Use the following settings to mask out the face better. Use the Refine Radius tool on the boundaries of the face to select out more details.


Lastly, erase out all the unnecessary details using the Eraser tool.


Step 14 - Cutting out the body

Using similar technique as used in step 13, select out the body/abdomen from the stock image.


Use the 'Curves' adjustment layer with the shown settings to increase the contrast a bit.


Step 15 - Compositing the Body on Main rock

Put the combined image of the guy onto the Stone. Position it as shown by turning it through ~19 degrees, with the abdomen in the middle of the right face of rock and the face coming out on the right side enough. Erase the side areas which are not required.


Here is a preview with and without the combined image of guy onto the stone.


Step 16 - Making the face mask

On a new layer, roughly draw out the veil/cover on the face so we could use drapery layers with clipping masks on it.


Step 17 - Adding drapery to face mask

Now, similar to what we did with the fabric on the left, we make the face cover using multiple drapery stocks.


Use the flowing gown of the lady from DazzleStock and position it as shown. Add a ‘Curves’ adjustment layer with the following values to increase the contrast and clip it to the face cover using clipping mask.


Using the same stock as that in step 12, we add more folds to the face cover. We can use more and more drapery stocks to get unique looks. Or, you could take a shortcut by duplicating the drapery on left side and flipping it horizontally and then placing it on the face cover layer with clipping masks.

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  1. This tutorial sucks so much... You forgot to link half the stock photos used, one of the links is broken. You forgott a lot of steps, I jumped adding some stuff because I thought you would explain it later but you didn't.

    Your tutorial is bad
    and you should feel bad

  2. Although not much explanation, I really did get a lot off inspiration and ideas here. Especially the part with the rock and the dude with the drapes, just excellent!!

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