How to Create a Flying Angel Photo Manipulation in Photoshop

How to Create a Flying Angel Photo Manipulation in Photoshop
How to Create a Flying Angel Photo Manipulation in Photoshop
Create this angelic photo manipulation using Smart Filters and drawing techniques! This tutorial will show you how to create a dramatic cloud background, add glowing wings to an angel, and add some particles.

Preview of Final Results

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Step 1

Start by creating 1416x1416 px image. These are dimensions of cd cover.

Step 2

Paste "Dark clouds ahead" stock

Step 3

Add new adjustments layer (menu Layer > New adjustment Layer) with brightness/contrast. Set it:
Now background is too dark. For fix it you should draw mask. Choose mask layer, beside adjustment. Take a 360px soft, rounded brush and draw gently by right side of picture. My results of masking
How should it looks:

Step 4

Still background isn't well. Add new adjustments layer with brightness/contrast. Set it:

Step 5

Now you should add some lights on background. Add new layer. With the same brush and #f46307 color draw, where you want to show lights.
Then you should blur it. Choose from menu Filter > Blur > Gaussian blur. Set 125px.
Change this layer mode to Soft Light and change opacity to 80%. Yay, you are awesome! :)

Step 6

It's time to model! Paste "A slow fall stock" and mask it.

Step 7 - drapery

But what with this awesome silk material? Here's the trick! Choose 38 px soft brush and change opacity of it to 40%. Then draw gently on lighter parts of material, but remember: try to use different opacity and size. On folds, opacity should be smaller.

Step 8

Now prepare model to particles. With Rough round bristle black brush on mask draw some on the edge of material.
Results for this moment:

Step 9

On layer with model add adjustment layer with color balance. (Right Click on Adjustment layer > Create clipping mask)
At adjustment layer draw mask. Orange light goes from right side of picture. Follow this tip :). My mask:
Result of masking

Step 10

We'll start making wings. Under the model layer paste first wing. Transform it free and in perspective.

Step 11

Do the same with second wing.

Step 12

Now press ctrl and choose layers with the wings. Then Click Right Mouse Button and from menu choose Convert to smart object.

Step 13

From menu choose Filter > Filter gallery. From menu choose Stylize > Glowing edges.

Step 14

Then choose layer with wings. Change mode to Screen.

Step 15

Wings should be like gold, so add adjustment layer with hue/saturation.

Step 16 - optional

But wings appears like empty. Duplicate wings layer. Change mode to Color Dodge and opacity to 55%

Step 17

With small (ex. 1-3px wide), soft brush color #d9cb04 draw contour of wings.

Step 18 - glow

Wings will be glowing. Draw gently lights on model from it. Choose the same brush as was as before, with #f7e802 color. On the back, hair, drapery.

Step 19 - particles

Create new layer. Now choose Clone Stamp Tool, Rough round bristle 100px. Click with alt on edges of model on the image and draw somewhere on image. Pay attention that it will take some time. Be patient :)

Step 20

I added also orange light on the drapery. With the 1px soft round brush #df8726 draw. Red arrows will help you :)

Step 21

Add new layer. Choose the same brush. On back of model draw lights. I used #ebac67 and #ffffff colors.

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  1. Great job I have learned a lot from your tutorial. Thank you so very much.Shading has always eluded me, but you made it seen so easy.

  2. I disagree, her English is fine. However, she should be more clear with some instructions. I mean, for example you tell people to add an adjustment layer or transform it. Sure, most of us know that but some don't. You need to tell us where to find it in brackets like this: (Cmd+T or Edit\Transform).

  3. I love this design it's really unusual and original
    it symbolises hope and death and matches my personality]
    please can you make some more pictures like this
    love you lots like jelly tots
    smithy blue

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