Create a "Game of Thones" Inspired Photo Composite

Create a "Game of Thones" Inspired Photo Composite

Lately Game of Thrones season 6 has been aired! One of the most famous characters in it is Daenerys Stormborn. So let's do an fanart for her! I loved her baby dragons. So I dediced to do an artwork of her with one of her baby dragons.

You will learn how to use fire and a lot about blending methods. Also you will train your painting skills by painting burning clothes and hair!

Final Results

Tutorial Resources

Step 1

Open up a new file 2248 x 3400 px in 300 dpi.
Make a new group called "Background", give it a color and copy the desert scenery stock inside and put it at the bottom of your workspace on a new layer called "desert".

Step 2

Select the heaven with the quick selection tool and cut it out with ctrl + x. Now open the rocky landscape image and place it on a layer under the "desert" layer. Put it behind the desert rocks and throw it bigger. As we will blur it out in the next steps it's not necessary that it is very clear. Name it "rocks".

Now use the Gaussian Blure filter on the "rocks" layer with 3 pixel to generate a depth effect.Turn the "desert" layer into a Smart Object by clicking right on the layer and choose "convert into Smart Object". Also use the Gaussian Blur filter for our "desert" layer with 4 px. Invert the Smart Object Mask by clicking on the mask and than ctrl + i. Now paint the filter with a big soft white brush (500px, 50 % opacity) at the edges of the desert rocks to get a smooth gradient from background to foreground.

Step 3

Open the model stock image and select her and parts of the rock with the quick selection tool. You don't have to be too careful with her hair, because later we will paint some strains in. Cut her out with crtl+x and close the image. Now make a new Group, call it "Model" and give it a color. Now make a new layer ("model") and put in the cut out model. With crtl + t (free transform) put her right in the center of the image. Now give the layer a Mask. And with a big soft round brush and black color (500 px, 30% opacity) paint over the eges of the stone and let it "sink into the sand". Than with the pipett tool take a sand color, make a new layer and set it to clipping mask, than overpaint the stone with the sandy color in "color mode". Dublicate the layer and set the mode to "Soft light" at about 24% to give it more light. Above that layers make a new adjustment layer as clipping mask and choose curves. Throwing the line a little bit down will make the stone darker. On the layer mask remove the curve effect from her by painting with black color above her.

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  1. This is not good. There's no depth, no color alterations to blend elements together. Just not good.

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