How to Create a Mystic Lady Photo Manipulation

How to Create a Mystic Lady Photo Manipulation
How to Create a Mystic Lady Photo Manipulation

Learn how manipulate a regular portrait photo into a mystic lady photo manipulation! This Photoshop tutorial will teach you the steps to retouching skin, adding eye and lip makeup, warping a gown over the subject, and finishing it up with many mystical effects.

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Step 1

Open the model image in photoshop and duplicate (Ctrl+J) the image two times. We can name the duplicates as we want. I, myself, named the duplicates as background copy and inverted background copy 2. NOTE: the original model image is quite large with size of 2304 x 3456 at 300 pxls/inch. We can reduce the the image size to 768 x 1152 at 100 pxls/inch. The psd file of this tutorial that we can download here is the one with the reduced size as mentioned above. There will be some different setting for certain filters used because of the reduction as we can see in the psd file.


Step 2

Select the inverted background copy 2 layer in the layer panel and hit Ctrl+I to invert the layer.


With the layer still selected, go to Layer > Smart Objects > Convert to Smart Object. This will change the layer into a smart object later indicated by a small smart object thumbnail at lower left corner..


Then, change this smart object layer’s blending option from normal to overlay at 100% opacity.


The result should look like this:


Step 3

In this step, we will give some high pass filter for the smart object layer by going to Filter > Others > High Pass.


Here is the setting of the high pass filter. After applying this filter, it will be a smart filter shown below the smart layer with a white mask thumbnail. Note: the amount of the high pass filter shown in the screenshot is the one for the image with original size (2304 x3456 pxl at 300 resolution). If we reduce the resolution to 100 pxls/inchs (a third of 300), we should set the amount of the filter to 11,5 pxl (a third of 34,5). This will give the same result.


Give this layer a layer mask by clicking the layer mask icon in the bottom of the layer panel.


Then, mask the areas around the eyes, nose, lips and upper hair as shown in the selection in the screenshot. Use a very soft round brush at 20% opacity for this purpose.


Next, select the mask thumbnail of the high pass smart filter and mask some areas on the model’s face and hair.


Here is the result we should have:


Step 4

Activate the elliptical marquee tool and set the feather for this tool at 10 px.


Then activate the background copy layer in the layer panel and make a round selection on the eye of the model with the elliptical marquee tool. Make sure to hit Shift+Alt on the keyboard while clicking, holding and dragging the tool to create the selection.


After creating selection, hit Ctrl+J to duplicate the selection into a new single layer above the background copy layer in the layer panel. I named this layer right eye. We need to move this layer to the top most position. To do this purpose, click, hold and drag the layer to the top most position of the layer orders (above the inverted background copy 2 layer). Finally, convert this right eye layer to a smart object.


With the right eye smart object still activated, go to Image > adjustments > variations.


Start to alter the color of the eye by clicking the color option given. Try to give more blue tone to the eye by clicking more blue option several times, add a bit greenish tone by clicking the more green option a few times. Finally, give some highlight by clicking the lighter option. After altering the color with desired color, save the setting of the variation in any folder in our PC and click OK.


Then, we need to reduce the opacity of the eye color to make it blended well. Right click on the variation smart filter and choose Smart Filter Blending Option. Set the opacity to 40%


Here is the result.


Proceed to give the same color to the other eye. Use the setting of variation smart filter previously saved by loading it to photoshop.


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  1. Amazing, thanks a lot but i got a few things to say:There is no way u gonna resize and warp and get that. Where is d ice queen's necklace??? I thought u wld cut all that out before moving d image. I dnt knw if am d only one but after moving d cut part of d ice queen, no way am getting d next stop by warping n resizing.

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